The Secrets of SEO – Standing Out in A Digital Forest

Can’t see the woods for the trees when it comes to getting your business a website that looks good and gets noticed? Standing out from the crowd comes down to good, strong SEO – search engine optimization. It’s all about getting your site up in the web search rankings organically – they’re the ones you do not have to pay for. Most people surfing the net tend to click at the top of the list – and that’s where you want your website to be if you’re going to get noticed, attract visitors, and turn a profit. Here’s a look at what you should be thinking about it. 

Search Engine Optimisation for Business

Why Bother with SEO?

There’s no point in investing loads of cash into a website if it can’t be found on the net. With more than a billion sites online around the world, according to, you want your cyber-shop window to be like the most vocal seller at a busy market. It needs to stand out.

You could pay for internet marketing but, to keep to your budget, good SEO can help your site get recognized by search engines and appear in those coveted ‘natural’ listings. They’re the ones that appear away from the ‘pay per click’ links, which are usually at the top and right of a search engine results page.

How Do Search Engines ‘Like’ My Site?

Search engines use ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ to scan websites, to get an idea of what they’re about what they find is crucial, as this trawl will ultimately determine how and when your site appears in search results – if at all.

To take a simple example, if someone is searching for a men’s shoe company, then keywords around this product are vital in a website if it’s to stand a chance of being recognized and then returned in the natural results. What ultimately appears in the listings is determined by complex algorithms. However, don’t feel like you’re on your own with all of this. Companies such as Australian web company Studio 44 are experts in SEO. You can find helpful professionals who are more than willing to better your business’s SEO.

Content Matters…

The ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ are hungry for text, as they can’t read video or images. So, the text content of your site must be a focus. As well as those important keywords, everything needs to be relevant and speak the language of who you’re trying to connect with – whether that’s someone looking to buy a new bicycle or someone looking for a good fish restaurant for a birthday celebration.

The core content needs to be simple – and that goes for the descriptions and titles dotted around your pages too.

The idea is that the more your website content reflects the needs of your target audience, and the words and phrases they’re likely to search for, the more likely your business will be found in the massive internet forest – making it to those organic listings, and towering like a tree over the rest.

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