3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue


Keeping costs low is one of the biggest priorities when you run a business. Many companies are already enjoying the benefits of using mobile apps to both increase productivity and come up with innovative ways of generating revenue, but there are many more ways in which mobile apps can be useful when it comes to reduce costs and increase profit margin. Let’s look at some of the ways in which apps can do this, to hopefully send you on your way towards using enterprise mobility to its full potential.

Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

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Increasing Productivity

At the most basic level, enterprise mobile apps can have a huge effect on increasing productivity. Although this may not directly result in your business producing more revenue, it will definitely give your employees more flexibility and extra time to complete more work, something which can certainly lead to potentially making more revenue as a result.

Apps have been reported to increase productivity by a whopping 35-40%. They do this by making business processes smoother, such as providing employees with more opportunities to work from home and making access to business and training resources more efficient. By using apps to increase productivity, you can pay fewer employees to get the amount of work needed done and get more for your money when it comes to wage costs.

Reduce Costs of Training

If you want your employees to perform to their best potential, proper training is an absolute must. But, along with being tedious, training can also be quite costly – employees have to sit through lengthy training sessions, interrupting their work and listening to a training professional, both of which cost your business. By implementing a training app which employees can use on their smartphone or tablet, you can seriously reduce costs as well as make training more of an interesting experience.

By using videos, interactive graphs, demos and more with an app, custom mobile apps are becoming a far more effective way to train your employees than more traditional methods. If you also include quizzes to complete in order for your employees to train their knowledge, you can even allow them to complete the training in their own time – meaning that you don’t have to pull them off the job for hours at a time.

Solving Other Business Problems

Using enterprise apps to solve common problems that your business runs into can help you reduce costs and keep them low. For example, if you run a logistics business, you can save costs by increasing delivery time and reducing fuel use through the use of a driver traffic app that allows you to see the best routes and gives real-time traffic updates. Or, a warehouse business could use a bespoke app which allows employees to find specific items quickly, check them and send to the customer without mistakes, therefore saving time and reducing the risk of returns. To get the solution for your business’ problems, contact bespoke software development company.

Business apps are no longer the future – they’re the present!


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