With so many websites of the same genre, it has become difficult to increase your website ROI these days. People spend their time and money in order to make their website look fancy to get their ROI. But, is it all worth it? Will the ROI increase? Is there any way to increase the ROI? As a matter of fact there is a way to increase your ROI i.e., with the help of the best SEO tools.

best seo tools

However, nowadays we have so many SEO tools available in order to make your website on the top on the search engines and have great ROI. But, if one has to choose the best tools for his/her website, he/she will have to learn about all the different SEO tools and choose the best for his/her website.

Best SEO Tools Available

In order to help you choose the best SEO tools for your website, this blog has listed down these Tools. The following tools are one of the best SEO utilities you can find:

1. AuthoritySpy

This tool is made to help you find the top influencers of your website. AuthoritySpy gathers multiple data sources of these influencers from places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


Official Website: http://authorityspy.com/

2. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is a tool used for link building. It works in Identifying contact information, managing communications, managing link opportunities and link request sent, and monitoring backlinks achieved.


Official Website: http://buzzstream.com

3. Check My Links

Check my Links is a tool that scans all links that are visible on your webpage, and detects the broken links. It highlights the links on your webpage in two colors, red and green, red links are for the broken ones and green links displays the valid ones. It can useful among other best SEO tools in the list.

check my links

Official Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/check-my-links/ojkcdipcgfaekbeaelaapakgnjflfglf?hl=en-GB

4. Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder

This SEO tool also helps in identifying the broken links on your website. The tool examines the internet for any broken links by jut searching a keyword and serves the results instantly. You can also check, how many people are still considering broken link.

citation lab

Official Website: http://www.brokenlinkbuilding.com/

5. Content Marketer

This tool finds the contact information(emails) and allows you to connect to those people. The results provided by this tool are genuinely accurate. It also you schedule and send personalized outreach emails via your Gmail account.

content marketer

Official Website: https://contentmarketer.io/

6. Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus is quiet similar to Check My links. But, this tool allows you check whether the broken link’s domain is accessible for registration. It is a very helpful tool in link building or The Moving Man Method.

domain hunter

Official Website: http://netvantagemarketing.com/about/domain-hunter-plus

7. Free Broken Link Checker

This tool is also an broken link checker. However, it is free broken link checker which allows you to correct any broken links on your website by showing the location of problematic links in your HTML. And as the name says it is an FREE checker with a limit of 3000 pages, but there is no limits on number of hyperlinks within those pages.

free broken link checker

Official Website: http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/

8. GroupHigh

It is an advanced blogger outreach software. In spite of all the enormous list of features of this tool, it’s a very easy tool to use. To find blogs in your business, you just have to enter a few keywords.

group high

Official Website: http://www.grouphigh.com/

9. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is an online service made for journalists to connect with public and get their feedback instantly. Designed to allow journalists to connect with people who have expertise in a particular issue, so journalists can gather valuable advice/quotes for their stories.


Official Website: http://www.helpareporter.com/

10. Inky Bee

Inky Bee is an blogger outreach tool. It shows the blogger in your industry by just entering a keyword. Permits you to sort by Domain Authority/Page Authority, and lets you to focus on big shots in your business.


Official Website: http://www.inkybee.com/

11. Link Prospecting Query Builder

This tool is quiet simple to use. You just have to enter the keyword, select the significant options and the link you want. Link Prospecting Query Builder then will deliver a list of links for your preferences.

Link Prosperity

Official Website: http://www.targetlocal.co.uk/tools/link-prospecting-query-builder/

12. Linkbird

Among the best SEO tools LinkBird is a hybrid tool used for- keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis and link building. This tool alarms you when it finds a new backlink valuable for website via email.

link bird

Official Website: https://www.linkbird.com/en/

13. LinkMiner

Linkminer is broken link checker on steroids. LinkMiner checks for broken links like many other tools. However, this tool shows how many external or total links are on the page you’re viewing.

link miner

Official Website: http://pointblankseo.com/linkminer

14. Linkody

Linkody alerts you when you get or lose a backlink. It also supplies information on your new backlinks. When a competitor obtains a new backlink, Linkody informs you via an email. It is a must have tool along with other best SEO tools.


Official Website: https://www.linkody.com/

15. Linkstant

Linkstant is a tool that lets you know every-time your website gets linked. Linkstant allows people to send instant message to a person who has linked your website with theirs.


Official Website: http://www.linkstant.com/

The Final Thought

Hopefully, this list of best SEO tools will be helpful for you to maintain your website’s ROI efficiently. Please let us know if anything has been missed in the above list by leaving a comment below.