How to Balance Technical SEO and Content Marketing on Your Venture?


A business venture contains many tedious tasks. Finding balance among these tasks is one of the most important ones. Marketing is always crucial in a business. This is the foremost task that either drives your business reachability to its zenith or to utmost zero. This all depends on how you prioritize your tasks. Digital marketing is the ultimate weapon of a marketer. The power he can yield depends on the priorities of a marketer.

When we talk about digital marketing, two fields of it always catch the eyes first. The first is the technical SEO part and the second is Content marketing part. Both parts are equally important. No marketer can skip either of them.

Manage technical SEO and content marketing

Then what do you do?

You create a balance out of it and bam!!! The deed is done. The major question you might be asking is how can we create a balance between Technical SEO and content marketing. This is the reason I am writing this post. In this post, you will get to know about rudimentary elements of technical SEO and content marketing. Then I will give you some valuable insights that will help you create an optimum balance for the digital marketing of your business.

So, without further ado, let’s get you started,

What Is The Value Of Technical SEO?

A search engine is an algorithm-based program that helps your website to be visible when an appropriate query is asked by the user. Technical SEO is the study of the criterion of that query aspect. A technical SEO enables your website to be visible for your target queries.

The positioning of your website in the search query is the topmost priority of technical SEO. Let’s go a couple of years back and you will find just a few elements were required to successfully venture. The time evolves every second and that is exactly what happened here.

Now SEO is not just solid pages, good structure, keyword stuffed titles, and saturated keywords in the navigation menu. The technical SEO is way too much different and complex now. Yes, there was this time when all you need was a right technical SEO aspect and you rank in SERPs, not anymore.

Technical SEO is now cannot hold your website to top ranks in SERPs alone. This what has changed in these years. Think it like this, if all your competitors have got the technical SEO aspect right, then what kind of advantage do you have over them. None, right?

Now, you shouldn’t misunderstand the above words. I didn’t mean that you should stop doing it right. You need to get it right, but now only the technical SEO is not enough for higher rankings. This is my core point.

For a business to be successful, you need website traffic. And technical SEO cannot bring traffic to your website. Yes, that is a cold-hearted fact you must get familiar with.


Alright, the message is very loud and clear.

You might be wondering:

If technical SEO is not adequate enough to bring traffic to your website then how can you lure the customers to your website? The answer is very simple and quite popular as well, Content Marketing,

What Is The Value Of Content Marketing?

So, all the answers to the question which is, “How can you lure users in your website?” lies in the realm of content marketing. With some of the latest updates of Google, relevant content is now the priority.

Think it like this. You published a website with right technical SEO actions. A user saw your website in the search engine and visit your website and finds the content on the website completely irrelevant. How long do you think that user will stick around your website? At max 10 seconds. Every user who clicks your website will exit your website in 10-20 seconds. This will increase the bounce rate of your website.

You know the recent Google’s RankBrain update right? You will be penalized for having a high bounce rate. See there, you aren’t even getting high rankings now alone with technical SEO.

Content creation and promotion are an integral part of the content marketing. Their value is just irreplaceable. It gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. The presentation of content always makes you different from your business rivals and by giving a unique selling proposition, you can triumph over them.

There is a bummer!!!

Over 90% of companies are concentrating on content marketing. You may think that you are late for trying it, but you are not. There is always a possibility of you doing things and presenting them differently.

The key difference that we learned here is,

  • Technical SEO cannot give your website traffic you seek for expanding your business.
  • Content Marketing will give your website traffic you need but remember it has to be different and value-based for your user. Value is always more rewarding than just bragging.

Groundwork To Create A Balance

After observing these two realms for long enough, I have found a perfect balance of technical SEO and Content Marketing altogether for your successful business venture.

Spending time is the most crucial action you need to plan first. Let’s see how can you do it rightfully,

l  You Need To Attain Technical Seo Proficiency

Understand this, you must follow the right road in order to get to the right destination. So, for achieving a balance, you must be proficient in the technical aspect of SEO.

There are many properties you must get right as Google and other search engines have several layers of penalties for these violations. If you are redesigning your website then technical SEO become one of the major expenditure for your business website. Once you are done with that move to the other aspect which is.

l  Create A Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is paramount. Killer content marketing strategy is just awesome. Auditing your link profile, reconfiguring your targeting keywords, optimizing your page titles and much more. You need to scan everything.

Also, redirecting your content to be value based is the most important action you need to take for effective content marketing.

Over To You

So, now with these two simple steps sequence-wise, you can easily create a balance. With balanced strategies, you can not only capture more traffic but also keep them there with you for sweet endeavors.

What do you think about this? Let me know your thoughts via comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, Adios!!!


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