The WordPress SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Due to its extreme versatility, the simplicity of use, ease of adaptation, and search engine friendliness, WordPress has quickly emerged as the world’s leading CMS and website development platform. With a share of close to 60%, it also dominates the CMS market. It is very likely that if you are thinking about creating a website, you will be considering using WordPress. However, despite all the simplicity and features that WordPress offers, it is very easy to make WordPress SEO mistakes that will drive down your page rank.

Biggest WordPress SEO Mistakes

WordPress SEO Mistakes

Some common WordPress SEO mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Forgetting to Set the Time Zone

One of the common oversights when setting up a new WordPress site is not setting the time zone. This is necessary because, otherwise, you will not be able to schedule your post publishing at the time that is right for maximum viewership. Be sure to go to Settings and set the clock right to enable timely content publication.

2. Not Setting Google Analytics Goals

The only way to tell whether your SEO strategy was a success is by measuring the results. You can engage in tactics that increase your organic traffic significantly; however, if that does not result in sales conversions, it would have been an exercise in futility. The easiest way of measuring the volume of users doing what you want is by redirecting them to a congratulations page. Thereafter, Calgary SEO practitioners can always measure the number of such page visits by using Google Analytics and generate ideas on how to tweak the site for better profitability.

3. Not Using Open Graph or Schema

Even though the impact of social signals on page rank is not very significant as of now, there cannot be two opinions on the traffic generation potential of social media. This means that you need to ensure that your content looks really good when shared on social media. This can be easily achieved by activating Twitter Cards and open graph data for Twitter and Facebook respectively using the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress. Once the activation is done, shared content on Facebook or Twitter will appear with a complete preview.

4. Not Publishing or Updating Content Regularly

Publishing fresh content on a regular basis provides a powerful reason for users to keep revisiting your site. The addition of content is also a great opportunity for including more keywords that help in increased search engine visibility and better traffic generation. Useful and relevant content on the site is also rewarded by Google with better ranks. Google also monitors user activity that indicates that the content is not updated and downgrades sites that users reject due to lack of current information. This makes it vital for content to be reviewed and updated regularly.


For those interested in building WordPress sites the easy way and grow organic traffic with SEO, WordPress is possibly the best choice. The performance of the site as well as its ability to generate traffic and convert sales, however, depends significantly on the extent of adoption of best practices and avoidance of mistakes.

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    Thanks for sharing your Tips for accelerating viewers on Wordpress Site , can you suggest ways to increase traffic to blogs on wordpress.


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    Bidhan Parajuli

    Thanks Melissa . Good read this one . I use a wordpress site to and I have covered most of the things you said in this article . I wanted to ask a question about the use of plugins in wordpress site . How does it impact the SEO or even say does not choosing the right plugin have a negative impact on the SEO ?

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