Workplace Technology: Trending Gadgets & Gizmos For Construction Workers

Technology may not be the first thing on your mind when you consider the garb of a construction worker, but the men and women who work in the industry have a playground of helpful tech gadgets and tools at their disposal.

Construction workers even have their own ConExpo each year in California to display all of the latest and greatest technologies in the field.  Technology has made the job of those who work in construction much safer than it has ever been before. A new home construction scheduling software is helping the industry.

Best Workplace Technology for Construction Workers

Check out some of the most popular creations and gizmos available to the world’s community of construction workers, and enjoy the oohs and awes of your spirit as you browse.

Technology that construction workers can use

1. Telematics is rapidly expanding inability

Keeping tabs on all the heavy equipment needed to get the job done is not always an easy job in and of itself. Technology makes it easier to keep an eye on the location and operational condition of all the machines on-site through one central system.

An easy to use performance dashboard will optimize the way in which project managers utilize the data they have to create a more efficient operation.  Designers have most recently focused on cutting down on the cryptic nature of performance data to make it easier for workers to interpret.

2. Drones have their place in the construction

Drones have made a necessary place for themselves in the world of construction work.  All the big-name companies in construction have some sort of drone capable technology available to the workforce.

The ability to capture an aerial view of any part of your site makes it much easier to see where improvements could be made in the operations.

3. Self-driving vehicles (sounds sorta scary)

It may sound a little disheartening to think about a self-driving mechanical vehicle running the show on a construction site, but they may just do so someday.  That is not the case today.

Power steering on steroids has been developed in the shape of the Track-O Mini Dozer.  It is the first fully robotic dozer, operable from up to 300 feet away.  The implications of creation such as this are astronomical in nature.

4. Smartphone technology boosts construction communication

Communication is a large part of the construction industry of the world, and the most durable smartphones are up for the job.  Here is a short listing of the top five most effective smartphones in the world of construction.

  • Apple’s iPhone X
  • Cat S60
  • Google Pixel & Pixel XL
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • LG’s V20

5. Work safer with the Halo Light

It may look like something from beyond this world, but the HALO Light is a construction worker’s saving grace when working in the dark.  It is so useful that 29 state transportation departments have already adopted the product for regular use.

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