What Makes the WordPress Hosting Best?

Regardless of what other people tell you – starting up a website of your own is not easy. And that’s true irrespective of whether you want to build a business platform for profit, some sort of content-oriented blog, or something entirely different. In any case, you’ll need to choose all the various elements of your website carefully.

Among these, finding the best WordPress hosting provider might be one of the most crucial. Make no mistake, though – this will take a substantial amount of online research if you want to pick the best hosting package. You’ll have a wide variety of factors to consider and pros and cons to weigh against each other. If you’re new to all of that, don’t worry – we’ve got a couple of useful tips for you right here!

WordPress hosting

Why Do I Need WordPress Hosting?

So, what’s the point of a WordPress hosting provider in the first place? We’ll try to explain it simply – a company that provides hosting for you is there to give you server space and the technology needed to operate a functioning Internet website. Like many of us rent out apartments to live in – a website needs its ‘rented space’ in the form of a server, which the host provides.

Naturally, there are many ways to get a website up and running and many platforms designed for just that. And one such content management system is WordPress, one of the most widely used and universally lauded platforms for web publishing. And while most hosting companies worth their salt support the installation of WordPress on their web servers, you should take care to pick the best possible hosting package with WordPress in mind.

The sole fact that a server can run WordPress does not mean that your website will be able to sustain the traffic you want. You need to consider several different factors when building a website that you wish to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why your web hosting provider should, ideally, be specialized in WordPress websites.

Traditional Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

So, you’re keen on creating a blog with WordPress – or perhaps an online store? Regardless of your specific intentions for your website, as you’ll see in more detail here, the type of web hosting you’ll choose is quite important. While there are many different hosting packages, we’ll focus on one key differentiation right now: traditional hosting vs. managed hosting.

If you’re wondering what this classification entails, don’t worry – you’re about to find out. Generally, traditional hosting refers to having an allocated space on a web server you share with other websites and a certain degree of support. But while this type of hosting may support WordPress websites, there is a ton of stuff you’ll have to do on your own – such as:

  • WordPress installation
  • Website migration to WordPress
  • Updating of WordPress plugins and software
  • Website backups
  • Security monitoring for hacking and malware
  • Traffic scaling

Web hosting server

While running a website is bound to be a hands-on experience, you want a hosting package that makes this easier instead of leaving everything up to you. So a managed hosting provider handles some backend tasks for you.

What to look for in WordPress hosting? That is most important to you. Then, focus on finding a hosting package that gives you all of that.


If you want to put up a website online simply, you can find some essential tools that will help you with that in a matter of hours. However, if you want a professional-looking, fully-functional website, you will need a decent budget in most cases. Not just for the initial website setup but also for ongoing maintenance costs, which will only mount as the traffic increases.

You may want to save up some money on the website hosting itself with that in mind. One of the key priorities while choosing the best WordPress hosting should be finding an affordable package and not sacrificing quality. Don’t worry, though. You can find quite a few free or cheap hosting providers out there. Please look at some of the best such packages we’ve encountered here! And once you shave off the hosting costs in your budget, you’ll be much freer to focus on other aspects of website maintenance.


As we’ve talked about above – maintaining a website is not as simple as it may seem to the average layman. So if you want this to be a hassle-free experience, you’d be best off finding a hosting provider that is willing to take care of most of the technical aspects in your stead.

WordPress support

Also, the level of support you receive from your hosting company in case of an emergency is quite essential. After all, every website experiences technical malfunction from time to time; an issue is bound to happen over the long term. But what’s important is for your hosting company to give you round-the-clock customer support. They need to react quickly to fix any technical errors so that your website experiences the least possible downtime – and you don’t lose any valuable traffic.


As you can see, the outlook of WordPress website hosting in 2020 is not that different from what it was in the past couple of years. To find a good hosting provider, you will need to examine all the other characteristics inherent to proper hosting carefully. And then utilize those factors to screen all the available offers and choose the best one. Sure, it takes time and patience, but it all pays off once your website is up and running!

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