WordPress for Business – What Makes the CMS Ideal for Your Site?

Entrepreneurship is a trend. According to the Chinese tycoon, Jack Ma, this age is the best time to build a startup. However, it is easier said than done. Probability states that a start-up has high chances to fail than to succeed. Moreover, undoubtedly, website and content management are of prime importance in this case. This is where WordPress comes into play by providing customized themes and efficient content management systems to businesses around the world.

WordPress platform

WordPress is an open-source platform that provides content management systems (CMS), which is free. It was developed in 2003 by WordPress foundation and is based on Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and a structured query language MySQL.

Nearly 27.5% of the top 10 million websites use it and in total WordPress accounts for service to 74 million sites. With business via WordPress in trend, here we are, with a proper resolution of different pros of running your business through WordPress.

Why WordPress for business

Benefits of using WordPress for your business

1. WordPress does not charge money

Wealth capital is the most important of all for any blog or business, and on the other hand, online content management is a crucial factor for them as well. When there comes a platform that provides content management services for free, its usage is bound to be popular. Moreover, that is what WordPress exactly does!

2. Easy to setup

WordPress interface is very user-friendly and does not require a user to be an internet expert or a web page coder. All it needs is a web browser and internet connection. All the user has to do is to sign up for free, and the website will be online in seconds.

3. Compatible with both, blog as well as website

Though WordPress started as a blogging system, over the years, it has grown up to become a full-featured web content management system primarily handling nearly half the websites concerned with content management.

4. Friendly with Search engine

According to surveys, 91% of Google users follow the results on the first page. Thus it becomes crucial for websites to be optimized so that they are displayed on the first page. Word press coins the deal. It has a framework that is easy to go through and easy to be Search Engine Optimized as well. In 2009, Matthew Cutts endorsed the Wordpress at WordCamp.

5. WordPress provides Plugins to add sophisticated features

It was designed originally to be extended (thus, open-source) and that is why with contribution from programmers, WordPress is enriched with some plugins that add complex business features to the websites. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to add sophisticated plugins and thus saves money to hire a coder.

6. WordPress ensures security

The popularity of WordPress makes it a vulnerable target for hackers. Which is why WordPress takes security very seriously. It constantly keeps updating its software to prevent potential attacks. It has introduced an automatic update feature as well. Being open-source it gives liberty for inducting custom-made security systems.

7. Compatible with almost every server

There are instances when the provider/ host are unable to handle traffic or not user-friendly. WordPress provides the liberty to switch to another server from one as it works with almost every server.

8. WordPress works on Smartphone

The use of laptops and PCs for surfing is becoming obsolete. Surfing via smartphones is exploding. To keep up with the trend, it has mobile apps for Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Furthermore, many WordPress themes have been designed to be mobile-friendly.

9. Easy to host multimedia

A combination of images, video, and audio files is an excellent way to enhance the user interface and experience. It is not only extremely easy to insert such files in WordPress, but one can also edit them using their Media Library Screen (MLS).

10. Option to schedule post

Business running is a time-consuming job. However, WordPress provides an advanced option to schedule posts. It means that posts can be scheduled for display according to traffic information.

11. Compatible with Multi-user

Operating a website often requires a team of multiple people. WordPress Codex provides an easy option to assign different roles to different individuals. Some of the roles that can be assigned are Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, etc.

12. Provides some professionally designed themes

WordPress themes have been hot topics for a while now. They allow their users to have websites designed professionally using their massive collection of themes, most of which are free for use. There are well over 2100 themes in WTD (WordPress Theme Directory) and furthermore, sites like ThemeForest, StudioPress, etc., provide even more efficient themes for a fee. Thus it reduces the effort to design themes via Html or other such languages.

13. It provides a universal platform

The world is getting integrated today. Thus, it becomes essential to cater to a global consumer base. WordPress with its availability in almost every country provides that universal platform.

14. Provides E-commerce solutions

WordPress provides a large number of e-commerce solutions which can convert the site into a digital store. Some of the plugins for it are WooCommerce, Shopp, etc.

Here are the main tips to boost a WooCommerce shop.

Wrapping up

Apart from the benefits mentioned above of using WordPress, the presence of a vast, updated, and usually generous community provides crucial support and interaction of ideas.

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Along with it, the platform is mature, i.e., more than ten years old. It has been tested, modified, and enhanced, thus evolving it into a world-class content management system. Graph of WordPress is expected to go up in the future as its community keeps on increasing and more innovations come into play.

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