Wondershare Video Editor for Windows – Review

Today we all own tech gadgets like smartphones and digital cameras to capture important moments to make them memorable. Video recording is a fun, and editing may become a tough task to non-techs when it is required. Choosing the right video editing software is also difficult because search engines present too many results, and all tools are not handy or lack few or more features required. Most of the free video editors provide limited functionality, and professional paid software is costly and required training to use them properly.

So what to do if video editing is necessary and how to choose the right video editor? Different experts may have their own opinion, but I believe Wondershare Video Editor is an excellent choice for non-techs and pro both. This easy to use video editor offers a handful of features which only are only available in many costly professional video editing software. This video editor is trusted by 350,000 professionals worldwide. Few names are Philips, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, HP, IBM, MacDonald’s, etc.

wondershare video editor

Wondershare Video Editor

The latest version of Wondershare video editor has a minimal interface. It shows two modes of video editing – Easy mode and Full feature mode to satisfy your skill levels.

It’s β€œEasy” mode offers various built-in themes to give impressive effects in your movies and everything on the Next button click. The only thing you required is to import your media, and select options are given on the next screen. And finally, export and share edited different media formats for different devices.

easy mode
Wondershare Video Editor v5.1.1 – Easy mode

Full Feature Mode enables you to edit media on the fully customizable timeline. A timeline is to arrange scenes, edit clips and add effects, PIP, transition, credit, sound, etc. to your movie.

full feature mode
Wondershare Video Editor v5.1.1 – Full feature mode

A recent version also takes care of aspect ratio for your video, so it is required to choose the correct aspect ratio before you start video editing.

Thus you can create a professional like a movie in a few minutes.

Professional Features

Professional like movies can be created with this tool. You can blend videos, images, text, and audio clips to shape your creativity. You can choose from more than 300 effects and transitions. PIP (Picture-in-picture) is a fantastic concept to put occasional impressive graphics inside your video. Adding intro and credit is very easy. You can split the video screen up to 6 blocks, and 20 variants are available to pick.

Add media, text, effects, PIP, transition, intro/credit, sount and split screen
Wondershare Video Editor v5.1.1 – Add media, text, effects, PIP, transition, intro/credit, count and split-screen

Simple GUI enables users to understand available software features quickly. This software has clear screen instructions to navigate from one screen to another. Adding media files, effects, transitions, intro, credits, etc. is very simple and interactive. Drag and drop feature is available to make it more user-friendly.

On the timeline, you can trim, split, rotate, crop, and join media to customize the video. Clip enhancement is also possible by adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue.

Scene detection feature automatically splits video into different clips to edit video smartly by getting shaking and blur parts.

Audio files can be added in two ways – as background music or voice-over narration or both. For voice-over+ narration, you can record audio for any scene and insert it directly on an audio timeline to match it with a video scene.

Online Sharing

Today social media is a platform where you want to share your media to get more likes and comments. Wondershare Video Editor makes it possible to share your video on popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

It is possible to export videos in different formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV HTML5, etc. You can burn DVDs to keep the edited videos for home, entertainment, and distribution.

export publish share videos
Wondershare Video Editor v5.1.1 – Export, publish and share videos

Final Verdict

Over the free video editing tool, Wondershare Video Editor offers more unlocked professional features to make movies special for family and friends. Users can create professional-like videos without any hassle. You can try before you buy, click here to download. It is an affordable software and buys it for just $49.99. You can also choose to subscribe for one year, which costs you only $19.95. You can avail of occasional/promotional offers through an official website.

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