Why is Wireless Broadband Miles Better than Dial-Up?


Have you ever experienced waiting for a number of hours just to download a 4MB work document? If your business hasn’t made the switch to broadband or DSL quite yet, you might want to consider doing so. The sooner you do, the better, especially since the broadband Internet is now becoming available in more areas and at more affordable rates. Because of the growing demands of online multimedia as well as enterprise software, dial-up might actually be hindering your company from making the profits that you deserve. If you’re not convinced about upgrading your connection yet, here are more reasons why wireless broadband can make your business processes easier.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband it better because…

1. No Need to Stick to Strict Schedules

Dial-up users had to come up with a schedule where they could use the Internet undisturbed. The problem with that kind of setup was the need for emergency calls, which, of course, nobody would have known about in advance. Some companies even go as far as installing two separate telephone lines so that one could be used for calls while the other was dedicated solely to connecting online. Dial-up also does not allow several users to use the line at the same time, while wireless broadband allows multiple people to connect to the same line at once.

2. No Need to Reconnect Over and Over

Another advantage that broadband has is the fact that it is always on, meaning you don’t have to keep turning it on and off when you want to use it. In contrast, dial-up requires you to start a connection and then close it when you’re done. It probably wouldn’t matter so much if connecting to dial-up didn’t take so long and didn’t generate so much unnecessary noise. Plus, depending on your service provider, dial-up has a tendency to disconnect at random. While some broadband solutions might experience occasional hiccups, they usually come back on within seconds, while dial-up connections would have to repeat the connection process from the start.

3. No Need to Wait So Long for Things to Load

Since dial-up connections use standard 56k modems to connect you to the Internet, that means it is only able to upload and download data at a speed of 56kb per second. These days, broadband solutions can range from as low as 1Mbps to as much as 100MBps. With a connection that fast, wireless broadband will give you the convenience of opening websites almost instantaneously, loading videos in seconds, and using real-time communication such as video conferencing without any drop in quality.

4. It’s Time to Move on From Dial-Up

If you weren’t sold on investing in a wireless broadband solution for your business, we hope the reasons we’ve outlined are more than enough to convince you. One of the qualities of the most successful companies is the ability to adapt to changing times instead of being stubborn about sticking to obsolete technologies. Make the switch now and enjoy all the high-quality content and resources that the Internet has to offer for your enterprise.


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