Why Security Updates are Vital for WordPress?


If you have a blog or site built with WordPress then I must say you have seen regular update messages. Such update messages simply intimate you that there is an important update for installed WordPress which include some bug fixes and security update to make your system more potential. Many WordPress users see such kind of messages on regular intervals but how many of them dare to update their WordPress system because they do not know how this will affect the current installation. Sometimes updates disrupt the current system which cause a big damage to a running site. Everyone knows updating WordPress for security reasons is always good but due to lots of customization on previous WordPress release hinder the mind to update current system. So this is one reason among lots of others, why people hesitate to update their installed WordPress. But it is always recommended to install security updates as soon as possible to avoid any flaw.

WordPress Security Updates

WordPress updates comes in terms of minor or major update. You may download and install these updates directly from your dashboard. WordPress update is mainly to overcome security vulnerability in their existing release. Occasionally, WordPress updates contain new enhancements and bug fixes. These kind of updates are generally installed over the current installation and do not need reinstall of WordPress system.

A WordPress update package may contain:

Bug fixes – As never all code can’t be perfect. When a WordPress release comes into market users install it for use and as they face some trouble, they report bugs to WordPress developers. After that bug fixes come to make current system stable and bugs free.

Security vulnerabilities fixes – Security is always prime focus for all. Bad hackers always look for security vulnerabilities in software. So WordPress developers are consistently working on to make it more secure at every step. For every user it is must to keep update WordPress system as new security fix comes out.

Product enhancement – Apart from bug fixes and security vulnerabilities, WordPress developers are working to improve system to make it more user friendly and more efficient in terms of new IT technologies i.e. responsive design and touch screen friendly etc.

Why Security Updates are Vital for WordPress?

  1. Security updates improves the performance of WordPress system and make it foolproof. These updates protect your website from malicious threats and cybercrime. So always keep your eyes on critical WordPress updates. Working with outdated WordPress release is not safe. There is always a chance to be hacked or of virus attack.
  2. If you have a lots of customization on current system then it may be difficult to think for new updates because it will consume lots of time. But security updates are not subject to ignore. Now security updates comes with the change log which have a list of affected files. So you’ve to work less to install new updates. For those who have less or no customization updating current system, it is a task of less than 2 minutes.
  3. New WordPress system supports all available security plugins to protect your site at best. Because as WordPress system is keeping changing WordPress plugin developers are also working on their plugins to improve user experience.

Through Patch Management you can easily get, test and install multiple security update patches. The patch management is a professional task done by manager IT and system administrators. They consistently manage software updates and patches to update systems on time. They do it with software like Secunia’s patch management software or a similar one.

Hence, WordPress system updates are very important to make system secure. All updates protect system from security vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. So software security updates are vital for WordPress systems.


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