7 WhatsApp Scams You Should Stay Away From

In the digital world, the importance of WhatsApp is something we all know about. This mobile application has become one of the most preferred options for staying connected with your friends and family members. Likewise, a lot of companies also make use of WhatsApp for official tasks too. So, there are many benefits of WhatsApp. But, to get the best experience, you must avoid WhatsApp scams, hoaxes, and viruses.

7 Most Risky WhatsApp Scams

WhatsApp Scams

1. Paid WhatsApp

A lot of times, we receive messages on our WhatsApp, and the messages say that WhatsApp will not remain free for the users after a certain period of time. Well, this kind of message is totally false; they are either hoaxes or a way to cheat you. WhatsApp is absolutely a free application for global users. So, next time when you receive such messages, simply delete them.

2. WhatsApp Gold

Well, again, a lot of WhatsApp users receive messages related to the Gold Version, which says if you pay a certain amount of fee, then your regular WhatsApp account will be upgraded to WhatsApp Gold. Which in turn would contain a lot more features. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp has only one version- the regular one which we use; and nothing else.

3. The Missed Call Virus

Many WhatsApp users often get a missed call from an unknown number. After that, they receive a message having a link, which supposedly contains information about the missed call. But, if you click on that link, the only thing which will happen is your phone gets infected with a virus. So, do not click on such links; simply delete them.

4. Message from the CEO!

Sometimes WhatsApp users get an unusual message from the CEO of WhatsApp. So, is it true? Absolutely not! It might be a WhatsApp scam. The CEO of WhatsApp does not have time to send personal messages to the users. Such kind of message is usually a hoax. Selective messaging to the users is not something the CEO of WhatsApp would do. So, ignore them right away.

5. The WhatsApp Blue Logo Hoax

This hoax is perhaps one of the most successful hoaxes floating in the world of WhatsApp. Almost every WhatsApp user might have received this message at least once. As per this message, the user needs to forward the message to a certain number of contacts; and if he/she does not do so, his/her WhatsApp free account will get expired very soon, and after that, he/she has to pay for using WhatsApp.

6. WhatsApp for Lifetime

Another WhatsApp scam being circulated these days is that iPhone users can turn their regular WhatsApp account into a lifetime one by simply paying a small amount for this subscription. But, this kind of message is false and baseless. Since WhatsApp is a free messaging app, therefore you do not have to pay anything, no matter if you are an Android user or an iPhone holder.

7. Voicemail Malware

Most of us know that visiting unreliable websites or downloading files from such websites is not usually safe. There are thousands of unreliable websites waiting to infect your smartphone with malware and virus. So, if you receive a message on your WhatsApp from an unknown number, and it contains a voicemail, do not open it. Once your device gets infected, it can easily steal data. So, stay away from such messages.

Final Thought

So, Stay away from these WhatsApp Scams, hoaxes, and viruses to the app in a safe and hassle-free way. Apart from them, there are a few more WhatsApp scams and hoax messages that you should stay away from. In short, when you receive messages or missed calls from unknown numbers, do not take them seriously. This way, you can keep your mobile device safe and away from malware.

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