5 Tips to Drive Website Traffic via Facebook and LinkedIn


In today’s competitive world, the main challenge faced by business owners is the lack of website traffic. It has become difficult for businesses to stay on the top of trends. The latest changes to Google’s search algorithms have forced marketers to devise new ways to boost their SEO results. The business world has witnessed a move from generalized websites to specialized apps along with changes in social media trends. So, in order to leverage each social media network effectively, it’s critical for businesses to take actionable steps for driving traffic to their website. Here’s an easy solution for getting more traffic to a company website that you can start doing today.

website traffic via fb and linkedin

Facebook Account! Not enough!

Facebook continues to be the best place for social media referrals, but by just creating a niche-specific group is not enough for your business. Post 3+ times per week on the Facebook page. Be sure to include links back to your site in your About page as well as in the photo descriptions, and in the comments of all posts.

Build loyalty via engaging content on Facebook page

The easiest way to build engagement and loyalty among your customers is by sharing interesting pictures and news of your products on the Facebook page. Make sure to work on calls to action by including links to your website, so that people can easily click through to your site.

Are you fully leveraging LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the professional web. Many businesses tend to neglect this social media platform, but they can use this professional web to increase their visibility. In order to increase your profile views, make sure your profile is filled out, join relevant groups and build connections.

Make your LinkedIn profile more active

Ideally, a LinkedIn page gets more profile views per week only when it is active. Visit your LinkedIn page a few times in a week, post interesting status updates and join few group discussions. Also, don’t forget to engage with your connections. Either leave comments or share what your connections have posted in their profile to increase profile views.

Use LinkedIn and Facebook tools and applications

LinkedIn has few tools that can help you showcase your blog and encourage more sharing. You can also install the LinkedIn blog application for posting and sharing blogs written by you or by your connections. Facebook has certain targeting tools that will enable you to reach specific groups of people. By using those tools, you can get information about customers’ location, gender, age, interests, etc., which will help you in posting relevant ads on their Facebook page.

These tips will act as a quick fix for your business, and you will be surprised how quickly many of them start to generate results. LinkedIn and Facebook are definitely networking gold mines ready for the tech-savvy companies to take advantage of, and using which you can cultivate a network of new users.


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