Ways to Use Unique Content in Your Dental Site


Dentists today are in high demand. People around the country are looking for a dentist that they can trust with their oral health. While there are many patients to go around, it can be difficult and frustrating to increase your prospect list. People do not typically go driving around the neighborhood looking for a new dentist like they would a good pizza restaurant. Their teeth are too important for that. Instead, most people today will look online for a new dentist. When they do conduct that search, they need to find your site, or you will go without that prospect. It is why you need to be engaged with an effective SEO strategy to get noticed. As such, you need to be including unique content on your website to accomplish this.

Writing Unique Content for Dental Website

Unique content for dental website

Understand the Concept of a Search Engine Algorithm

If search engines were a living and breathing organism, you would think that they were increasingly being born with a higher IQ. In fact, many people do believe this, so it might not be too far off the mark! Search engines in use around the world seem to be getting smarter about websites who try to stuff keywords to get noticed. They are, if you will, wise to that game. Instead, search algorithms today are looking for relevant and engaging content that is unique to your dental office. If you copy and paste bits and pieces from other sites that you find out there, not only will be doing intellectual property a disservice, you will not be making any friends with the search engines.

You want to write content that is relevant to your practice. Make sure you include keywords that are likely to be searched for when people in your area go looking for a new dentist. That being said, do not overuse any one keyword, and make sure that all of the content is fresh and unique. Look to update it as often as you can, but at least every few weeks to a month. It will help you improve your standing over time when talking about search engine rankings. If you find content writing overwhelming, hire a dental SEO company that is emphasizing the content creation aspect. Solution21, first and foremost a dental website design company, considers content creation as an important element of dental SEO that should be initiated at the time of website design.

Engage the Community

As a dentist, you also want to educate and inform the community about various aspects of oral health. Show them that your office is actively involved in the community. Use your website to promote exciting and new opportunities. Highlight events that are happening around the area, and work to be at those events whenever possible. When people start to associate the dentist at the county fair with the cool website that has unique content they enjoy reading about, your prospects list will begin to grow by leaps and bounds.

Engaging the community should be something that you are involved in regularly. You want to use your website as a springboard for new and innovative ideas. Get your patients involved. Highlight them and the various services that you have to offer. The more that people come back to your website to see what you are doing and what you have going on, the better. Search engines like a site that has frequent visitors. It shows that you are actively engaging with the public and that will mean something in terms of search engine rankings.

Set Yourself Apart as an Expert

When it comes to teeth and oral health, you are the expert. You want to use your website to highlight that fact. People come to you because they want to know how to take better care of their teeth. Take advantage of that fact by providing them with information that they will find to be useful. Include your accolades and awards in a subtle, non-boastful manner. It will show others that you are an expert in the field that can be trusted. It will, over time, encourage people to continue looking through your site as several teeth related issues creep into their family. Have a variety of articles related to every type of service that you offer in your office. It will create unique content that, once again, the search engines love. It is an area of your SEO strategy that you cannot afford to overlook.

These three reasons alone demonstrate the importance of content in terms of elevating your rankings within the search engines of the world. You will want to regularly review your website to make sure it stays fresh and relevant to your current and prospective patients. Over time, this will help you grow your practice into one that has a competitive advantage over other dentists in your area. It can all be accomplished with something as relatively simple as your website.


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