3 Ways Technology Is Fueling Our World

Most days, we get up, get dressed, eat a bite, and head out the door for work or school. We drive our commute without ever once thinking about how our vehicle can get us where we are going, with the exception of when we have to put gas in it.

Technology has afforded us great freedom in the world of travel. It not only fuels our cars, but planes, trains, and boats, as well. Without the continuous advances in technology, we may still be driving a horse and buggy. Below are three ways technology is helping out.

Technology Fueling The World

1. Efficiency

Cars have evolved greatly since the introduction of the Model T. Each, and every time, every car manufacturer involved invested time and money to make their vehicle more appealing to the eye and more efficient on gas. Technology has provided a multitude of avenues to make the modern car more efficient than ever.

Manufacturers concentrate on drag, friction, combustion, and the weight of the vehicle. The wind drag of a car causes an overall drag on the fuel, as well. If the drag is reduced, the car needs less fuel to pull it.

Reducing the friction in the moving parts of the engine will not only save on gas but improve the efficiency of your oil, as well. Finding ways to improve the combustion of an engine and reducing the weight will reduce the amount of fuel needed to run the vehicle, thus improving the efficiency of the fuel. 

2. Delivery

Ever wonder how the gas gets to the station? Where does the process begin? Refineries take the raw petroleum provided by the United States and imported from other countries and turn it into the fuel we use every day. Then, send it to holding tanks where it eventually makes its way by tanker, truck, train, or a combination of all three to your local gas station.

There is a lot of technology involved in this process. Some of the most basic technology is also some of the most vital. We’re talking about the pumps necessary for retrieving the petroleum, which without them, the gas would never come into existence. This basic piece of tech is one of the first steps in retrieving the precious crude that drives our lives. 

3. New Types Of Fuel

Not only does technology help us to get the most out of the fuel source we already have, but it is also providing new options for fuel. The most common selections are that of electricity and hydrogen. These fuel sources are already in use in some localized areas.

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Electric car technology has come a very long way. The Audi R8 e-Tron carries some 455 horsepower under the hood and can travel 280 miles on one charge. Other fuel types that technology is contributing are fuel cells, solar power, biodiesel, and steam (believe it or not.)

Technology is a wonderful tool of invention and progression. Take the time to educate yourself on how it could improve your life and the life of your fuel.

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