7 Ways to Source Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content is everything when you are writing or publishing a blog or even marketing a product or service. It is the freshness of the content that will make your blog stand out. You can also call it the fuel for your social media ship. And it becomes quite daunting to keep looking for new content ideas on a regular basis so that you are able to generate more traffic for your blogs. Are you looking for similar ideas on finding new topics for your content?

Where to find Ideas for your blog content

Where to Get New Content Ideas?

Follow these 7 great ways in which you can source your content ideas, and keep the blogs coming, delivered fresh each time.

1. Be active on related forums

Every important website or a blog site has multiple forums, and it will be quite beneficial for you to be active on these forums and also the forums related to your niche to know what is trending at present. This is the easiest and effective way to get great ideas for your blog.

2. Join multiple Facebook groups

If you are active on Facebook, you’d know there are multiple groups related to everything, big or small. Joining a few of the most informative and active groups will help you know the “in” topic of the season and garner amazing content ideas that you can incorporate in your blog.

3. Become an active Twitterati

As they say, “everyone important is on Twitter“. So, why not make the most of this opportunity? Follow the influential leaders related to your industry on Twitter by scrolling down their feeds, and looking at articles they are sharing.  Click on them and see if there is anything interesting that you can use for your readers (without plagiarizing it). Sometimes these thoughts from the influential leaders can give a new dimension to your blog.

4. Survey your email list

If you have an emailing list, as most businesses do, use it to know what your readers or customers want to know about. Ask them simple questions on what they would like to read further about or what topic would interest them. Use the answers to give you an idea regarding the readers’ area of interest.

5. Follow other similar blogs

The internet is filled with blogs, and there are innumerable bloggers writing on the same or similar topics. Read them and follow them, and you might get a new idea for your next blog. Again, I’d say, do not plagiarize their work.

6. Go back to your blogs

Your old blogs can come in handy to give you an idea for the fresh content. Go back to see which of your older posts have garnered more comments and likes and have been the longest on your page, read what has commented and see if the topic is relevant enough to be reused at present. Modifying and giving a new perspective to the old posts can also greatly help in keeping your content fresh and interesting.

7. Follow the major media outlets

If the major media outlets like the Forbes, Huffington Post, entrepreneur or Inc. are writing about a topic, know that the topic is hot and trending. Visit their websites every day and see if they have published an article related to your industry. If yes, you have got a new topic for your blog.

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