Smart Ways to Overcome A Math Phobia


Maths isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but its significance in our world is not something that can be overlooked. People find the subject difficult due to a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is not being able to link the concept to an application in real-life. Owing to its importance, learning maths is vital for a bright future. Let us look at a few points which can help you to get rid of your fear of maths.

How to deal with math phobia

Tips to Overcome Math Phobia

Hereunder are a few ways anyone can overcome math phobia.

Believe in yourself

If everyone else can, why can’t you? The first part is having the confidence to say that you can do it. Trust me you can.

Have the basics covered

Most people have the problem of understanding the subject because they do not understand why that certain step or action works. Once you have the basics of the subject covered properly, you will understand how every topic works. This will make the upcoming topics easy to understand as well.

Take it slow

Take your own time to learn the subject. Start well before the exams and go through every topic until you’ve understood it completely. No shortcuts, work on problems and even take the time to understand some real-life applications so that the concept will stick to your memory.

Thus, here we have seen some of the many tips which can help you to solve your fear of math. To overcome the fear of other subjects as well, for complex topics like Acids and bases and more, join the BYJU’S chemistry forum and learn through the discussions. For new-age explanations of topics, check out this YouTube channel –


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