Water Technology, Innovations, and Resources

It’s easy to get lost talking about computers and mobile devices when it comes to the topic of technology, but some of the most important advances in the human industry are always going to happen with respect to our top priorities as a species. And what could be more important than water technology?

Consider where technology intersects with things like water mains infrastructure, portable water filters, water pressure systems, ocean cleanup schemes, and how the power from the ocean can start helping us solve some of our energy issues before too long.

Water technology

Water Technology And Innovations


Most people take from granted, the basic water line infrastructure that surrounds us. It’s impossible to imagine the cost that went into water and sewer lines and the amazing engineering feats of water supply and demand. And, as technology improves, the efficiency of those systems is going to improve as well. Just in terms of analysis, the more science understands about materials and scientific properties of various types of piping, the better our water infrastructure is going to get.

Portable Filters

Water cleanliness is an issue in many parts of the world still. And that’s where technological advances like the creation of the LifeStraw concept is going to be huge as humanity marches forward in time. It could save countless lives if it is marketed and distributed the right way, everywhere from the poorest, driest countries in the world, all the way through helping survivalist campers or the people who live in Flint, Michigan. Having modern filtrations systems mass-produced that have this kind of capacity has a huge impact on the standard of living potential of many communities.

Water Pressure Systems

You turn on your tap, and water comes out. But have you ever considered how this works? So far as technology goes, massive pumps shoot water into water towers, and then that downward pressure is what makes everything in an area run. The physics principles are pretty basic, but the technology that goes into creating and maintaining those towers is definitely pretty significant.

Ocean Cleanup Schemes

The oceans are a mess right now. But there are some young and creative minds trying to use the latest technology to clean them up. There have been all sorts of designs put out recently that can potentially start getting rid of all of the garbage that’s collected in our oceans, opening up the seas to provide future generations of people with a clean environmental presence.

Power from the Ocean

And finally, engineers are starting to design equipment with the latest water technology that will harness the power of waves to fill energy depots. This has the potential to power coastal towns without some of the eyesores that come with wind energy or solar panels. The more options humans have in the future to gain and store energy, the better!

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