Can Water from All Sources be Purified by Reverse Osmosis?


RO Technology – Access to clean water which is fit for consumption is scared today. Owing to increasing human intervention and mass development natural water resources are becoming polluted and contaminated. There are many sources of water pollution, ranging from industrial waste in sewage to agricultural chemicals that are polluting the groundwater.

Kent water purifier

Water Purification Need

According to the WWF, the groundwater is toxic in certain metro cities and contaminated with heavy metals and compounds that accumulate in the gut. Hence, it is critical to making sure the water that you use for drinking and cooking is purified to its best.  In addition to that, our cities municipalities lack the resources and the manpower to treat the water before supplying to households. Moreover, since the municipal water comes to your home via pipes, it can contain rust and other forms of debris and pollutants making it utterly unfit for drinking. Hence, one must never directly use the water from the tap supplied to our homes.

RO Technology for Water Purification

Reverse osmosis water purification is a popular and trusted technique that most households in India are relying upon. Known to remove all kind of dissolved impurities, bacteria and virus from drinking water, RO technology employed by trusted brands like KENT is built with a TDS controller that retains essential and vital minerals in the drinking water.

What is the importance of minerals in your drinking water?

All living organisms require a recommended dose of natural salts and mineral in their bodies.  To replenish these minerals and salts time and again, we have to ensure that we drink water that is not deprived of its natural minerals. Thanks to advanced research and development, KENT has pioneered the present day mineral RO purification technology. One of the distinct features of this technology is the ability to retain the essential minerals in the water.

Kent Mineral RO purification technology

The KENT mineral reverse osmosis water purification technology not only purifies the water but retains the much-needed minerals. As one of the most technologically advanced purifier, the Kent Mineral RO purifier is best in the category due to the following Reasons:

Double Purification Technology & TDS Controller

Water is purified using reverse osmosis water purification technique, followed by UV and UF. This helps in the removal of the most harmful dissolved impurities like Arsenic, rust, fluoride and other metals. It also has a TDS controller, that helps retain the essential amount of minerals in the water being purified.

Treats Water from All Sources Equally

We don’t have control over the quality of water supplied to our homes. Your household may be dependent on municipal water supply or water from the bore wells. Depending upon the area of your residence, the contaminants and pollutants in the water may vary.  With KENT reverse osmosis water purification technique, you can totally rest your faith in. The appliance equally cleans the treats water from all sources. So, even if the water has high chlorine content, iron or salt content, KENT water purifiers can handle it all.

Trust of KENT

KENT mineral RO purifiers come in a variety of designs and capacities so that you can easily choose one that fits your need. The design of the purifier is also aesthetic and complements the need for a modern kitchen. KENT has won many awards and accolades over the years, becoming one of the most trusted brands in the country and around the world. Their ground-breaking technology and commitment to quality have helped them gain the trust of millions of customers, and hence it makes a reliable brand to invest in. Use Kent water purifiers for 100% safe and healthy drinking water at your home, with the best service back-up in the country.


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