Virto Calendar Add-In for Office 365 is a color coded calendar that let you overlay unlimited number of Sharepoint calendars in a single calendar. It allows you to overlay events from sharepoint online calendar and outlook exchange online calendars. Both shared and user’s personal calendars are supported in outlook exchange online calendar.

Virto calendar addin office 365

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365

It supports all kinds of SharePoint lists and offers seven benefits as listed below:

1. View All Your Calendar Events at a Glance

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 allows you to see all the upcoming events that are lined up in a glance. It offers various views including day, week, month, year, multisource, task, andgantt. You can Filter calendar events by date range or today.

2. Color Coded View

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 allows you to u se RGB color code to mark different types of events for example use blue to define meetings and green to define holidays. The color codes prevent you from getting confused about the events in your calendar. It gives you the ability to adjust the color of the event card by selecting category and choosing the color with the color picker tool. Users can find out the color legend by hovering over the event.

3. Supports Multiple Data Sources

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 allows you toimport as many calendar events as you want from third party data sources. It supports third party data sources such as SharePoint calendar/list, exchange online calendars. Get more details at

4. Easy to Use User Interface

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 allows you to add information such as title, start time, end time, description and category to the event. You can move events to another date by simply drag and drop. It will Automatically shows word suggestions tooltip for the same event name. You can enable/disable data sources in just a few clicks and edit the duration of an event by resizing. it allows you to overlay meeting rooms by checking the option in the settings page. You can add attachments to calendar events to conveniently show files to your workers. This can save you time from having to email or make an announcement at the company.

5. Subscription Management Features

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 includes an auto assignment feature can be enabled to allow every user who open or install SharePoint Calendar to become a licensed user. It makes the job of administrator easy without having to manually activate each of the users. It allows you toset the calendar to automatically delete all users who have been inactive for at least 30 days. You can define the list of sites where the users will be recognized as licensed users. If the user access Virto calendar on a site not in the defined list, he will not be recognized as a licensed user

6. Tweaking a Calendar

Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 allows you to make tweaks to a specific calendar that you have imported.To tweak a calendar, type in the ID into the properties field in the app part.

7. Sharing the Calendar

In Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365, users can share the calendar in the form of a URL to other external users. To share a calendar with external users, you must go to the Office 365 admin center to enable sharing. You can choose what appointments to show from the calendar section in the dashboard.


Virto Calendar add-in for Office 365 is an affordable Sharepoint calendar web part that allows you to organize your events in one place. The software is suitable for both personal and business uses.