VideoProc – Process 4K Videos from GoPro, Drones, Phones with Full GPU

From the makers of WinX DVD Ripper, one of the most famous DVD ripping programs comes a brand new solution that brings all your video editing and processing needs under one roof. Digiarty’s VideoProc provides hardware-accelerated UHD/4K video solutions with support for most modern codecs and high framerate videos.

Why Do You Need A Video Processing Software?

People are now shooting videos more than ever – most smartphones can shoot 4K videos. High-end phones also shoot videos at really high frame rates for slow-motion videos, with framerates going as high as 960 frames a second in some devices. Action cameras such as the GoPro line-up of cameras shoot at 4K. The same goes for most drone-mounted cameras. Most DSLR cameras can shoot 1080p videos at 60fps. So, we now all have high-resolution videos with high framerates that occupy a lot of space on our phones or PCs.

Editing these videos is also quite difficult. You obviously want to share the videos online which requires some basic editing, such as cropping out the unwanted parts, rotating the videos, stabilize shaky footage, add filters and a whole lot more. Moreover, you must also convert it into a size and format that is compatible with the web. The most professional video editing software requires high-performance PCs to get these done. Rendering these videos also take a lot of time unless you have a high-end desktop. Moreover, the steep learning curve unsuitable for most users.

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VideoProc simplifies this entire process. In a few steps, you can have the video from your GoPro or other cameras on social media. You get to make all the edits that any industry-standard video editing program allows you to do. VideoProc also provides accelerated transcoding on virtually any PC. No matter what processors you are using AMD, Intel or Nvidia, you will get super-fast video conversion with the lowest file size and the highest quality.

One of the biggest advantages of VideoProc is the support for image stabilization – a process that is only provided in professional video editing programs. This is particularly useful if you want to stabilize shaky GoPro footages for better video quality. And you can also stabilize handheld videos shot using a DSLR, Mirrorless or a camcorder.

Supports Videos from Virtually Any Device

No matter what device you have, VideoProc will be able to process it. This includes action cameras, DSLR camera, drone camera, GoPro, camcorder, webcam and so on. It supports all video resolutions up to 4K, 5K and 8K UHD. That’s to say, you can easily convert GoPro 4K HEVC to H.264 for further use. After importing the video, you can make edits, process them, preview them and export them. In just a few clicks, you can make professional-quality edits and share them online.

A Simple Workflow

VideoProc aims to make video editing easy for the majority. Therefore, it has an extremely simple workflow where you import the videos, make edits, and export them. VideoProc supports over 370 audio and video codecs. No matter what format your video is in, it will be imported into VideoProc without any hiccups. It can also work with videos that have been processed previously by other programs such as GoPro Quik or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you import the video, you can trim the video, rotate it, crop the frame, merge multiple clips, add filters, watermarks, subtitles, and more. Image adjustment options include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and gamma. Audio editing options include volume adjustment, background noise removal, audio-video synchronization. If you are processing GoPro footage, you can also correct GoPro fisheye distortion and stabilize 4K footage.

Once you are satisfied with the video, you can export it using any of the 400+ profiles that are present. These profiles allow you to export for the web, for iOS and Android devices or in a particular format. You can also choose your own custom settings by specifying the codecs, the bitrate, the output resolution, aspect ratio and so on.

Uses Level 3 Hardware Accelerated Transcoding

Transcoding is the process of decoding and encoding your video. Generally, on most computers, video editing software makes use of the CPU for such tasks. This makes exporting the video a time-consuming process. Processes such as stabilizing the video can often take several hours if done only using the CPU. However, all computers also have a GPU or graphics processing unit that is a specialized processor for handling graphics and parallel computation. VideoProc’s three-layer hardware acceleration first separates the compressed video data using the CPU. The decoded graphics data is handed over to the GPU where the video decoding is performed. Following the decoding, the GPU also performs the specified edits and processes and then encodes the video. Next, the encoded video is handed over to the CPU that gives the finalized compressed video file.

Using this technology, VideoProc can process MKV, HEVC or MP4 files up to 47 times faster than most other programs that just use the CPU. VideoProc works with AMD’s APU, CPU and GPUs, Intel’s CPU and GPUs and also Nvidia’s GPUs.

Contains Numerous Extra Functionalities

VideoProc aims to be the single solution for all your video processing needs. Therefore, it also consists of other functionalities such a DVD video conversion, screen capture, online video downloader, video converter and more. With VideoProc, you can rip DVD videos and store your DVD library on your desktop. VideoProc also supports downloading from over a thousand websites from which you can download videos. The screen recording feature can also be useful for creating online tutorials or for recording gameplay.

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VideoProc is truly an indispensable video processing program for GoPro owners. Those who just got into shooting videos and do not want to spend a lot on getting professional video editing hardware and software can get VideoProc at a very reasonable price. Plus, it contains a bunch of functionalities for home and office users.  You can try VideoProc free for a limited time, or you can purchase a single year license for only $29.95. If you do not like the product, you get back your money in 30 days.

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