How Video Marketing Can Bring in Higher Conversion Rates?

100 million people watch at least one online video every day. They do so not merely as a form of entertainment, but to learn and to find out new information. There are a number of reasons why video marketing should be one of your priorities, and considering that it has far more potential for impact than simply written content, you can achieve much more with it. It’s not understating the importance of video content to say that it can increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and boost your conversion rates. There are estimates that having the right video on your website can improve your conversion rates by up to 50%, and that should be enough for your business to start paying attention to the possibilities.

Video marketing for higher conversion rates

Video marketing for higher conversion rates

Improve your SEO

The video is a high-value performer in online search results, and if you can provide relevant video content, then your SEO will receive an organic boost. Obviously, the better and more entertaining your video, the more likely it is that it will be shared on social media, meaning that it will benefit from an even higher ranking on search engines. If you struggle with optimizing your SEO, then consider using a business like, who can guide your content creation and make sure that you are building the strongest and most beneficial content possible. The key is to remember that your content (and this relates to all of your content rather than just video) needs to add value to the consumer while being entertaining. Finding that balance between info and entertainment is often the hardest element of creating your video content, and is the most essential.

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Video investment

You can’t expect to use weak video content in your marketing campaign and still expect it to perform well. Your content always needs to be targeted and knowing your demographic will go a long way to guiding your video content plans.

Key points to consider are:

  • Length: Most consumers will watch a two-minute video, but anything over reduces the likelihood of them reaching the end. That’s why you should aim for 90-second videos.
  • Use call-to-actions wisely: You don’t need to save your calls-to-action for the end of the video. It’s acceptable (and wise) to use subtlety throughout your video content when it comes to encouragement to buy, so add your dashes of action-calling throughout.

Investing in the video is proven to generate more leads and improve your conversions, while also promoting the more organic growth of search engine rankings and social media. By promoting your use of video, you are making the most of the potential tools available to any business, and stand out from those that merely write a boring blog post after boring blog post.

You simply cannot afford to dismiss the potentials for video marketing. On YouTube alone, there are more than a billion potential customers watching millions of hours of video every single day. If you’re hoping to establish or build on your business branding, then video content is the fastest way to do so.

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