The Role of Video Gaming in Passing Knowledge Among Children


Video games can be a very helpful tool to aid children in developing certain skills. As adults, we tend to focus much on the potential dangers instead of keeping an eye on the benefits of electronic video games. Video gaming can help kids appreciate their leisure time by keeping their mind busy and free from bad ideas. Some video games seek to help supplement the classroom work and assist the game developers or software engineers to be creative and innovative in coming with games that teach.

Passing Knowledge Through Video Gaming

Video Gaming Benefits for Children

Triggers Creativity

Video games involve problem-solving and planning. The process in which players customize characters the way they appear and develop new game levels, this initiates critical thinking and enables creative self-expression of the thorough understanding of the structure and game rules is called “Modding” Video games help children to learn to use strategies and make reasonable decisions.

Positive Effects On Brain Power

Recent research studies have documented that video gaming has contributed to the mental development of an individual. The results indicated that playing extremely fast action video games can tremendously increase one’s visuospatial ability and IQ. Also, other studies have shown that video games can increase one’s thinking critical memory, problem-solving and the working memory depending on the type of game. To add on the same token, Children have developed the tendency of displaying little interest in writing and reading from books, but now it’s easier and much better for them to learn through advanced literacy skills through a programmed online video game in text-based communication.

Develop The Spirit Of Competition

It’s a common aspect for children, especially boys, to compete with their friends as it brings recognition and joyful status. Playing Video games, again for boys, it provides a safe environment for kids who aren’t perfect in sports a chance to excel. Competing also triggers one’s thinking capacity to come up with a different alternative on how to tackle the challenge.

Helps Kids Make Friends

Video games help to create a common meeting point for children to meet and interact socially. Boys unlike the Girls, they are more likely to play video games either online or with a group friend in the room. Kids with mild learning disabilities choose to make new friends and to play video games aids them a lot to make friends. Children get fun while playing with their friends and this helps kids to develop both mentally and socially.

Provide An Opportunity To Teach

Most of the children like to play video games because they enjoy the part of teaching others on perfecting their moves and skills where they are stuck. Some of the kids learn from other children the way they play and the way they develop strategies on how to tackle a problem. The most significant part is teaching others to build communication and social skills.

Playing video games plays a vital role in the development of kids in this modern time. video gaming can be beneficial to your child.


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