3 Ways to Use Technology to Bring in Revenue from Your Home


As we enter into 2017 and the technology revolution continues to redefine how the world operates on all levels, people are starting to question the usual order of things. Why does life have to be carried out exactly as it used to when the world is changing daily? More and more people realize that starting their businesses and making money from home is a possibility. Yes, it is possible if you use technology. No longer do people have to waste hours in traffic, or answer to bosses that pay them little respect and less than a living wage.

Revenue from home

Use Technology & Earn Revenue

If you’re looking for ways you can make money without having to leave your home, here are three ways technology is making it possible for you to do just that:

1. Monetize Your Writing Ability

Whether you’re a poet, a novelist, a songwriter, a journalist, or just a person who’s always been good with words, technology allows you to use that ability to make a living. You might have hated writing for school and composing boring essays about topics you weren’t passionate about, but it’s a new world out there, and if you feel you have something to say, you can write about anything you want and be able to monetize it. Whether that’s a blog, freelance article writing, or songwriting, the internet is your middleman to finding an outlet to bring in the dough.

2. Become A Professional Reseller

People buy things on whims all the time. If their purchase isn’t on a whim, they still outgrow it and decide it’s time for the next best thing. Often people are too lazy to sell their stuff because it takes time and energy, so they donate it to the local thrift store. There is a business in this, though. You can be a professional reseller.

If people have big-ticket items, they aren’t going to give away, but they want help selling their stuff, you could make money selling their stuff for them. If you sell a boat or an expensive piece of machinery, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in commission for putting up a craigslist add and doing a little bit of research and correspondence with the buyer.

3. Offer Online Lessons

You are no longer bound by physical distance when it comes to offering up service to make money. If you would rather not leave your home, but you have a skillset you know could be useful to others and would bring you in money, offer up lessons online. You can skype, you can facetime, you can FB live, you can Skillshare… no matter your technological avenue, the option is there.

So if you teach guitar, voice, you’re a math tutor, or you’re really good at science, the avenue to monetize your skill set is made available online. As long as you have a connection and a drive to succeed, you’ll make it. Just use technology and make money.


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