How to Understand Keywords in Searcher Context?

If one talks in the context of search engines, keywords can be referred to as phrases or terms that a person is looking for in order to locate the information they are seeking on the internet. The search engine further categorizes the appropriate websites based on the keywords. Hence, it is must to understand keywords.

Keyword research user context

Do You Understand Keywords?

1. Understanding the context of using a keyword phrase

The bot crawling the website should not only be able to understand keywords, i.e., the terms and expressions that searchers key in but should also essentially understand the context of the particular keyword phrases that are typed. The questions that need to be addressed in this regard can be listed as if the search is being conducted for a personal or professional reason. Also, the time constraints associated with the search results should be kept in mind if the search is being done for hotel or restaurant inquiry. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that if the search period is too long and if the keyword phrases are being used repetitively.

2. Increasing the Website Relevancy by Using Keyword Tools

Pursuing one or two keywords at a given point of time is not adequate as there can be increased competition. In order to increase the search relevancy of the website, one will need to make an inventory of the keywords and associated keywords that can be used.

Sorting these keywords on the basis of their relevancy can be of some help as the search engine will rank these on the basis of their relevance. A range of keyword tools are available online, and most of these come free. One such innovative tool is Google keyword planner, as it enables the searcher to come up with personalized keywords that suit the essence of the topic. The keywords can be selected and used based on their competitiveness.

3. Using the Related Keywords

The use of related keywords is significant in this regard. As the search engines understand the relationship between associated keywords and search terms, making use of this strategy is of key importance. A viable way of looking for related keywords is to do an evaluation of the individual keyword. As an example, let us consider the case of using the term ‘hotel’ as a keyword. As one types this as a keyword, a range of options come out in the form of a two-star hotel, three-star hotel, and five-star hotels. These additional terms can be considered as associated keywords and can be used appropriately to better the search results.

4. Understanding of Completion

As one is able to come up with a list of targeted keywords, it is imperative to determine if the list will be able to meet the requirements of the users. One can take help from online comparison tools as webmaster competitor analysis and Google Analytics.

One must keep updated on the developments in the industry to prepare oneself in an organized manner. Keep conducting keyword studies on a regular basis to check on what all is popular in the market. This will help you develop a better understanding of keywords and come up with a comprehensive list whenever the need arises.

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