6 Types of Websites Possible to Create with WordPress?

In the world of web, who don’t know WordPress? Almost all of us must have come across this name.

WordPress is one of the most famous Content Management Systems (CMS) of the day. Starting as a PHP-based blog creation framework, WordPress is now fueling quite big and powerful websites like that of BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center, Facebook Newsroom, and many more!

So, it is evident that WordPress is not confined to create blogs. The framework has been growing for years now, and from a blog creation tool, it has evolved into a feature-rich and high-quality web development framework that is much more than a CMS.

Create A Website with WordPress

After such popularity and wide usage of WordPress for the creation of blogs and websites and as a CMS, its complete utility is still not explored to the depths. Thus, even the best WordPress development company or a professional web developer might be unaware of what type of websites you can create with WordPress. Let’s explore these:

WordPress Helps to Build more than a Website

1. Efficient eCommerce Stores

Today, business is incomplete without an online store. Almost every business is being shifted to the internet for more exposure in the digital market. So, if you’re looking forward to creating an e-commerce store for your business, you need not rely only on the big and complex platforms.

With the help of WordPress, you can create an equally efficient and feature-rich online store and that too, with great ease!

All you or your WordPress development company needs to do is combine WordPress with WooCommerce, and you’re all set for a competent e-commerce store.

You can also create an Amazon affiliate account and add the Amazon Shop WordPress plugin to your website page, where you can sell products through Amazon without maintaining your stock.

Thus, creating an e-commerce store and selling products online is quite handy with WordPress.

2. Online Directories

Want to create a website for an online directory? You must be wondering and searching for the best frameworks that can create competent online directories.

Well, WordPress can do that for you! Along with creating a highly interactive and beautiful homepage of your directory, you can add as many features as you want to. Just take into consideration the best online directories you’ve ever visited and added similar features to your website. You can seek help from professional developers or companies providing WordPress plugin development services.

It is possible with the help of the WordPress Directory Theme. With this plugin, you can incorporate numerous features on the listings pages of your directory like address map, categories, etc.

3. Social Media Portals

For enterprises and business organizations, sometimes it is mandatory to create enterprise social media portals through which the members of an organization can follow a fast, effective, and easy communication pattern.

With the help of a WordPress development company, you can get your own social media portal created using the WordPress “P2 Theme“.

The theme lets you create a networking portal that looks and works just like Twitter. Thus, your teams, departments, and boards can carry out their discussions and publishing in one place. They can also share the latest information and keep everyone updated.

4. Membership Websites

Do you want to publish premium content? Do you have an idea of a gated online community?

A membership website can be your best call. WordPress provides a lot of plugins that you can use to create a membership website. These plugins are available for free, as well as in premium forms.

If you don’t find the suitable WordPress plugin for your membership website, you can get one created by the professionals delivering WordPress plugin development services.

With the help of these plugins, you can create both free and paid membership websites using WordPress.

5. Forum Websites

Using WordPress for the creation of a Forum doesn’t seem like a great idea when heard for the first time. But, for most people, it is still a lesser-known fact that WordPress can build great forum websites.

And this is again possible with the help of a few WordPress plugins available for creating forums. To name some, you can check bbPress and ForumEngine plugins that can prove out to be a great option!

In case you require some unique features in your WordPress forum plugin, you can get one created by utilizing WordPress plugin development services available around you.

6. Video Platforms

YouTube fascinates the whole world! There is no denying the fact that it is the most popular and widely used video platform available so far.

But if you’re up to a similar online project for video sharing, you can seek help from WordPress.

For this, the WordPress plugins like Video Pro can be used that help you upload videos and increase engagement on your website. You can get many features with these plugins that can make your video platform more interactive.

For professional services in creating video platforms, you can opt for services from the best WordPress development company near you.

With all these features, it can be stated that WordPress is the most versatile web development framework. Just in one framework, you get plenty of features and is an open-source platform, and it offers you with a fusillade of plugins and themes that you can easily put to use.

So, if you’re seeking the best framework for any of the functions mentioned above, choosing WordPress can be your best call!

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