What Are the Different Types of Lightsabers Used in Star Wars?

Did you know that actors get excited about holding lightsabers too? Are you a fan of Star Wars and want to have a lightsaber of your own?

In this article, explore the many types of lightsabers you can choose from. Read on to discover the different types of lightsabers from Tonfa-Style to Curve-Hilted, and choose the right one for your battle needs!

Different Types of Lightsabers

That’s right, and there are different types of lightsabers depending on your battle needs. You can find single-bladed weapons, crackling crossguard sabers, and double-bladed lightsabers, to name a few.

Different types of lightsabers

When you hear lightsabers or lightsaber types, you automatically think of Star Wars and their laser swords in the movies. They avoid blaster bolts, they’re portable and can go through most things. Today, you can find different lightsaber designs varying sizes, angles, lengths, and colors.

1. Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Another name for double-bladed lightsabers is a saber staff. They’re two standard lightsabers together at the pommel and allow you to them pull apart. It is a great way to surprise your opponent by having two weapons.

If you’re going up against multiple enemies, this is a great option. These are more difficult to master. Consider getting custom lightsabers for this option to make it your own.

2. Single-Blade Lightsaber

Out of all the types of lightsabers, the single-blade is a classic. Even when you’re going up against opponents who have blasters, you can beat them with a single-blade. The only object a lightsaber can’t cut through is another lightsaber.

3. Curved Hilt Lightsaber

If you’re looking to fight like Form II lightsaber combat, you’ll want to choose from the different types of lightsaber hilts. It lets you change your angle fast.

4. Lightwhip Lightsaber

Lightwhips are flexible and have great length to them. They’re useful since they offer more of a range and random attack than a lightsaber. One con is that they don’t defend against blows, and aren’t as strong as traditional sabers.

5. Retrosaber Lightsaber

Retrosabers are similar in their look to Protosabers. The ability of a Retrosaber is higher than a Protosaber. Their advantage is that they have modern belt-mounted power packs for a power surge.

6. Sith Lightsaber

These types of lightsabers are what the dark side of the force uses. They’re red in color. The Sith Order likes to use bad emotions such as anger, pain, etc. into their crystals.

7. Double-Bladed Spinning Lightsaber

Another name for the double-bladed spinning lightsaber is the inquisitor lightsaber. Many like this lightsaber since it can go into the air, has spinning blades, and a sharp disc. One con is the ring.

If you go up against a strong enemy, they can slice through your ring.

8. Crossguard Lightsaber

Many know about the crossguard lightsaber due to the newer movies coming out. The shape of a crossguard lightsaber is a cross. It has two power vents on each side and the main plasma blade.

9. Shoto Lightsaber

These are lightsabers that have a reduced blade length and hilt. You can find some that have a metal guard to parry attacks. This blade weighs less than other sabers, which makes it easier to carry.

Keep in mind that this lightsaber’s hilt comes in a smaller size, which can have some cons. Check out the Legends timeline to see when Luke uses it.

10. Training Lightsaber

For the beginner, there’s what’s known as the training lightsaber. They’re similar to a regular lightsaber. They just have a low-power setting. Regular lightsabers have an adjustable setting.

It is how you learn how to use a lightsaber, and are what’s used in teaching practices. Since power is limited, they can’t do as much damage. You could grab this blade and just experience bruises and burns.

11. Lightfoil Lightsaber

Lightfoils are an elegant and smaller option. You can find them among the Tapani sectors. They’re not as strong as regular lightsabers. Their crystals don’t focus as well. They’re a good option for non-force sensitives.

12. Underwater Lightsaber

Underwater lightsabers are made to work under the water. It isn’t the only option for water since some can make their non-aquatic lightsabers usable underwater.

Resistant Materials

Besides the lightsaber, there are very few items that a lightsaber can’t cut through. Some items that a lightsaber can’t cut through are water, a force weapon, Mandalorian iron, Vong technology, DarkSwords, Armorweave, Sith alchemy, Songsteel, Phrik, and Cortosis.

Phrik is a metallic compound. It doesn’t have the ability to make the blade short out as Cortosis does. It’s put into the elements of the lightsabers for Palpatine and the Dark Troopers’ armor.

Cortosis is an expensive and rare metal. It has the ability to short out lightsabers.

Darkswords are a sword that’s made with materials that can parry lightsabers. It doesn’t have the ability to deactivate lightsabers.

Sith alchemy can be found during the first Sith Empire. It can counter lightsabers. Many have Cortosis in their swords.

Water shorts out all types of lightsabers except for the ones that are made to stand up to it. Vong technology is the armor that’s made to be resistant to lightsabers.

Mandalorian iron can be placed into many configurations to use its lightsaber-resistance. Force weapons are used to parry a lightsaber blade. An Armorweave is a cloth to provide resistance against lightsabers.


Now that you’ve explored the different types of lightsabers, you should be well on your way to choosing the right one for you.

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