15 Twitter Bootstrap Goodies for Quick Web Designing


Twitter Bootstrap is one of the best and free collections of tools for quick website development and web applications. This is one of my favorite framework, which contains CSS and HTML-based design templates for navigation, typography, buttons, forms, popular interface components and optional JavaScript extensions. Created by expert developers of Twitter, this tool comprises base CSS, general styling, responsive, JavaScript plug-ins, grid, and UI components that help you speed up your web development process.

I have been using this CSS framework for a while now that allows me to have a full control of all the functionalities of website designing, despite only styling and cross-browser testing. It can be used without designing knowledge and you need to just write some HTML as per Bootstrap specifications. It may save my heap of time. As per my personal opinion, Twitter Bootstrap is one of the best frameworks for designing a website without any designing limitations. In short, it is written in CSS and has inbuilt jQuery support for you. You have to keep only right HTML mark-ups at the correct place.

Twitter Bootstrap Goodies

Twitter Bootstrap – All you need

If you like Twitter Bootstrap, then I’m sure you will love all those resources that are enabled with useful tools, themes, plug-ins created by Twitter Bootstrap.

1. FamFamFam Twitter Icon Sets

Learn from the tutorials of how to integrate with other icon sets, or use FamFamFam icon set in Twitter Bootstrap by own or how to extend existing icon library of Twitter Bootstrap. Check it out at the official site and implement the useful steps.

2. Bootstrap Button

In order to replace the existing button style, create custom buttons as quickly as possible by using this tool according to your needs.

3. Bootstrap Button Generator

You can go through the button generator if you don’t want to use the documentation. Different kinds of buttons can be created by this tool and with all the predefined styles, which are available inbuilt in Twitter Bootstrap.

4. BootStrap PSD files

Bootstrap GUI PSD is a toolkit for kickstart web design of site and web applications. This toolkit includes all base elements that are layered in Photoshop for designing button, typography, navigation, grid and more, all are from ‘RadixDesign’ and used in the CSS3 Bootstrap framework of Twitter.

5. StyleBootstrap

StyleBootstrap is a website, which allows you generate your own unique and impressive design. It offers a quick preview of newest styles and has many good interfaces to meet your specifications.

6. Colorpicker & Datepicker

Really pretty and straightforward color picker & date picker are included in this bootstrap, which allows you to match your style.

7. Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor

Bootstrap WYSIHTML5 is a JavaScript plug-in that helps in creating simple and beautiful WYSIWYG editors in an easy manner through the use of Twitter Bootstrap and WYSIHTML5.

8. Bootboxjs

It is easy now for you to build simple programmatic dialog boxes with the help of Bootbox.js. It is a small JavaScript library of Twitter Bootstrap modals.

9. Themes, Skin, and Styles

A collection of wide range of well-developed and beautifully designed bootstrap themes enables you to target different audiences. These are inherited from Bootstrap, responsive and UI rich, yet they don’t look like the original Bootstrap apart from its grid and layout. You can find Bootstrap with a dark theme, metro design, full background theme and many more.

10. jQuery UI Bootstrap

jQuery widgets and inbuilt jQuery support bring the beauty of Twitter Bootstrap in the project, which helps make it one of the best frameworks for quick website designing.

11. Bootwatch

You can easily change the style of Twitter bootstrap on your own without any sort of hassle by downloading premade CSS styles.

12. FB Bootstrap

FB Bootstrap is a toolkit, available in both relevant sizes for kickstart development of Facebook iframe applications. The base CSS and HTML are used for tables, grids, forms, navigations, buttons and much more as well as styled to build a typical Facebook look & feel.

13. dark strip

The DarkStrap theme is used only for Twitter Bootstrap 2.

14. Kickstrap

Kickstrap is a full version of Twitter Bootstrap and it includes enhancements, themes, and other goodies.

15. jQuery Mobile Bootstrap

The jQuery Mobile themes are based on Twitter bootstrap.


Whether you are familiar or want to start using Twitter Bootstrap framework, start working on this tool for fast web designing or web apps. If you have any query or want to share your suggestions, then leave your comments in the given below section.


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