Turn Your Classroom into A Time Machine – An Infographic


Wouldn’t it be easier to get to grips with Einstein’s theory of relativity if you could watch a video explaining it in layman’s terms rather than poring over pages and pages of explanatory notes?

If you were tasked with understanding what Einstein was talking about during a science lesson a few years back, you would probably have been very grateful to be offered the chance to watch a video explaining what his conclusions where.

YouTube is a global phenomenon and there are so many educational videos available through the site that it is now entirely possible to turn the classroom into a virtual time machine and send kids back on a journey where they can witness key events like the Moon landing, Martin Luther King’s famous I have a dream speech or any number of seminal moments in our world history.

A lot of the history lessons are sorted into a useful playlist on YouTube and you can quickly find videos that provide detailed information and footage relating to events such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Tokyo Sarin Attack.

If you head to World History Teacher on YouTube, you will find a section that been created by an Advanced Placement History Teacher for his students, allowing you to tap into a great collection of videos relating to world history and covering diverse topics such as the history of Christianity and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Time and Life magazine also have their own official video channel on YouTube and entertainment history is well covered in this section. This infographic takes a comprehensive look at things like what you can find on YouTube, how you can set up your own channel and how you can download videos if access is blocked at the school due to network security reasons.

YouTube helps bring a history lesson to life and really can feel like you are turning the classroom into a time machine.

Turn your classroom into a time machine



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