Looking for a bluetooth speaker of the outdoors then the Trendwoo Music Tube is an excellent choice. Cylindrical shaped watterproof IPX4 rating makes it ideal choice for hikers and cyclists. But use is not limited to certain audience.

Lastest CSR 4.0 apt-x audio codecs support crystal clear bluetooth streaming and twin bass ports enhances depth of sound.

Trendwoo music tube unboxed
Trendwoo music tube unboxed

Unboxing Trendwoo Music Tube

This bluetooth speaker comes packed in a high quality presentation box. To accompany the speaker a USB charging cable and aux lead is given including a well illustrated user manual.

Included accessory is of match color so it’s easy to find them among others.

Unmatched Design

Cylindrical shaped speaker is 18 cm long and diameter is 7 cm. One can easy put into bike’s drink holder or into a hiking backpack’s side pocket.

Speaker body is made of colorful mesh that wraps around product base. It’s available is 3 colors – orange, parrot green and sea blue.

At the top of mesh speaker controls and LED indicators are placed for better control. Buttons are covered under a touch responsive soft water resistant surface. Users can easily skip tracks and do volume control while riding their bike.

It resembled very much to con-caved soft drink can. Which can prevent any inadvertent contact with power button or water resistant port.

Trendwoo music tube ports
Trendwoo music tube ports

Power button is on the base and surrounded by a soft ring of rubber. Such rubber surrounding prevents vibration when placed on tough surface.

Two long parallel rubber bases provide a point of contact when you place speaker horizontally.

Trendwoo Music Tube X-Bass wireless waterproof and dustproof speaker has good design and build quality. Rubber port cover protects speaker from bad weather like rain or dust storm.

Test Drive

One can charge Music Tube form a mains adapter or computer USB port. Charging tooks more than 3 hour. LED blinks red when battery level is low and deep red while charging and turns off when fully charged.

Trendwoo Music Tube is able to connect flawlessly with Laptop, Android Devices And Apple iDevices. Tr-Music Tube remembers paired device and reconnects faster than other tested devices yet.

Bluetooth speaker battery life is 8 hour within a range of 10 meter for standard use. We believe these stats are fair enough. Volume levels and hinderances may change these stats.

Audio Quality

The Trendwoo Music Tube has two 4W drivers & 2 Bass ports for rich bass experience. Full volume generates enough force from bass effect to move Tr-Music Tube around the table.

In spite of its cylindrical shape sound came out one side only but volume is clean. It has ignorable noise at full volume.

Trendwoo music tube touch buttons
Trendwoo music tube touch buttons

Buyer will definitely enjoy to music with a good bass line with this music tube.


Bluetooth Speakers Version: CSR 4.0 + EDR
Frequency Range: 180Hz-20KHz
S/N Ratio: ≥80dB
Speaker Unit: Diameter 40mm, Inner Magnetic 4Ω, 4Wx2

Final Verdict

The Trendwoo Music Tube has ability to impress anyone. Refreshing colorful design and good finish. The sound is clean and loud/ IPX-4 Waterproof rating brings confidence among users.