3 Trending Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories


You might have spent a grand amount on your latest mobile but there are still a few shortcomings which irk you. Or maybe, your heart still longs for more for the technology freak you are. With the latest technologies pouring in, mobile phone accessories have taken a turn from just being add-ons to must-haves. Mobiles have become an indispensable part of our lives and if any accessory enhances them, we need to have them in our lives.

Innovative Mobile Phone Accessories

Here’s a list of three innovative mobile phone accessories which you need to make your life easier:

1. Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens

These are the photography fanatic you are. They will help you take high-quality images with their advanced functions and inculcation of wide-angle, fish-eye and macro lenses. You just need to clip it to the camera section of your phone. Get ready to take awesome images! It has lenses over its two sides and one more lens inside another one. Switching of the lenses is a simple task. Due to its compact size, it’s also a travel-friendly option. With this, you don’t require to carry around your bulky camera and make extra space for it in your handbag. Now, take photos on the go! They are expensive so if you want an affordable option, you can also consider smile drive iPhone camera lens. They cost less but do a really good job. You can buy them for an even lesser price.

Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens - Mobile Phone Accessories

2. Micro USB Car Charger

Did you just recently get disconnected from a call with your boss in an abrupt manner? Had you lost your way sometime back and wanted to see directions on your mobile but couldn’t? Did you have super good news to communicate to your family but yet again you could not? Was the reason because your cells’ battery died? If you nodded your head along with all of these questions, it is time you got a micro USB car charger for yourself. Given the hectic life schedule, you are always running out of time to do things and sometimes you even forget to charge your mobile. With this light and easily portable charger, you can charge it on your way plus in case of an emergency you face. Ensure you buy good ones so that you don’t run out of battery soon again.

Micro USB Car Charger - Mobile Phone Accessories

3. GPS Dongle

You must have heard only of data card dongles till date but get ready now to make this term a part of your daily life. You must have this especially if you are a road trip lover. All you need to do is plugin this GPS dongle, open your favorite location app and it will display your current location. There are different GPS dongles present in the market with different quality levels. While some of them run only on specific devices, some run on mostly all mobiles. Do consider their cost but most importantly, ensure that they do properly what they are meant for.

GPS Dongle - Mobile Phone Accessories

The count of mobile phone accessories is increasing day by day owing to the growing needs and love for adopting the latest technological changes. It can get tempting, as well as, confusing to decide which one to buy that not just completes your mobile but also your life. Determine your needs well and then go for the one which you find most useful.


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