Traditional PPC Agency versus Full-Funnel PPC Agency: What to Choose?


There are so many reasons why a business or individual would want to hire a PPC agency or specialist rather than attempt to start and maintain a campaign on their own. Any business can start a campaign on their own – there are many different sites offering instructions on the web, but using an agency will give the business access to many more resources than they could access on their own.

PPC agency

PPC management services in Toronto, for example, can offer experience and knowledge in all areas pertaining to PPC campaigns. Knowing that they have worked on the same kind of projects with other companies and individuals, even if the confidentiality they also usually offer does not allow for much in the way of a brief description of the work that was done.

Traditional PPC Agency

A PPC agency can also help to steer you in the right direction as to what campaigns and approaches you should actually take when it comes to your own campaigns. They will be able to take the information you give them about what you want to advertise and who you want it advertised to, and run with that to give you a viable campaign. Simply put, hiring a PPC company will make your life a lot easier.

PPC advertising stands for Pay Per Click advertising, and it can also be called Cost Per Click. It takes the form of a relatively new form of online marketing, wherein the person or business running the campaign pays a small amount to the publisher every time their advert is clicked on.

When people think of PPC and AdWords management, they are usually thinking about them appearing in the top-tier search engines such as Google and Bing, but it is becoming more and more popular on various social media platforms as well, particularly as a Facebook page is now becoming popular as a means of connecting with visitors and customers. People running adverts generally use keywords and phrases which are relevant to the interests of their target market, with a small fee set-up for every time the advert is clicked on.

Full-funnel PPC Agency

Full funnel PPC campaigns are slightly different – what full funnel means is having success with the general ideas behind pay-per-click marketing, to the extent that your ‘funnel’ is overflowing with prospects. Alternatively, it can mean that inbound sales techniques are being applied to every aspect of the marketing campaign, meaning that while not all the leads will lead to something, they exist.

Where most Toronto PPC experts would focus on having the pay-per-click adverts lead to landing pages which would entice prospects into becoming customers, full funnel pay-per-click works in the same way – creating a website which delivers on its promises.

However, full funnel PPC works on the basis that a company wants or can handle the number of leads that it produces. Pay-per-click advertising is so popular as a marketing strategy most like because it does not bombard companies with the attention they can’t handle.


Where PPC marketing works from the prospect of needing to increase custom to business, full funnel pay-per-click goes for the approach which already has more than they can handle, and need to pare things down a bit. Any good PPC company will be happy to help in deciding which one is right for you and your business.


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