How to Track an iPhone with the Best Phone Tracker?


The All-in-One Monitoring iPhone software by mSpy is no doubt the market leader to the answer on how to track iPhone. This software demystifies iOS monitoring and tracking, offering an easy and efficient tool for spying.

Well, the question of why you would need to track and monitor an iPhone arises. Why would you want to spy on an iPhone? There are several reasons, for example, my sister-in-law recently lost her treasured iPhone, which she had saved for months to buy. So theft or loss is an obvious reason, the others are employee tracking if your business or company has issued iPhones to employees and for parents to monitor their children.

mSpy track iPhone

Features of mSpy track iPhone software

The software exploits the dependable GPS functionality features of the iPhone and internet mapping thus offering the top in the market track iPhone capabilities. It comes in two versions- the one with jailbreak and another without jailbreak and will generally track, monitor and locate another iPhone, offer GPS tracking options has a simple installation and setup procedure and is easily accessible from any browser.

iPhone MMS

This track iPhone technology ensures that you are privy to the multimedia message details of the targeted phone. You will be able to see the pictures and videos exchanged and can nip in the bud any bad behavior by children or illegal or malicious exchanges by an employee.

GPS location locking

This is the most important feature of all because we primarily want to know where the phone (read person) is. It will ensure safety or at the very least provide you with the person’s location; you can even get historical location logs if you want.

Calls and IM monitoring and logging

Get all records of incoming and outgoing calls of the iPhone in real time whenever you want it. Alongside the calls, you will be able to keep an eye on instant messages exchanged from the phone.

All day everyday multi-language support

Your purchase of this how to track an iPhone software gets you 24/7 support in several languages. The support service enables you to get assistance on call or prompt for an efficient and easy tracking and monitoring experience of your children or employees.

SMS monitoring

Any texting from the iPhone you are monitoring will be remotely accessible to you. You are in a position to know if the phones you have given your employees are being used within the policies and guidelines expected, or to ensure that your child is not up to anything untoward.

Checking children and employee emails

The internet can be a scary and very risky place for children, especially in the teenage years when they can be very impressionable. Get access to your child’s email and ensure that communication is safe and from trusted people. For business, this how to track iPhone software will ensure that the phone is only used for work-related communication and that business correspondence and information remains confidential.

Get the best monitoring solutions for the iPhone and join in the positive experience of millions already using the mSpy how to track an iPhone spyware.


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