Top 5 Tech Trends to Rock the Education Sector


Globally, the investment in Ed-tech is rising considerably. As education is the key factor for the growth of an individual and a nation, authorities in institutes and colleges are placing technology as a higher priority for education. As per the market study by Futuresource Consulting, the Ed-tech market is going to reach $19 billion by 2018. As the blend of technology and social media is growing in education, teachers and students are celebrating the promise of digital learning and experience. From tech degree to educating tool, the education tech trend is getting better and better.

This year is set to witness a step ahead in education technology. With the increase in sales of iPad and smartphones, younger generations are hooking up more on tech to education. In a country like India, the population of mobile internet users are growing tremendously and is estimated to go up to 160 million. This will certainly boost the Ed-tech among teachers, parents, and students.

Education and technology trends

According to the experts, the trend of passive learning in schools and colleges in diminishing compared to flipped learning which includes devices and tools. With next generation cloud-based solution is replacing older learning tool, the stakes are higher than before. Universities and colleges are now placing more stress on infrastructure including the Wi-Fi support so students can more internet-capable while studying.

So to keep up with the demand for wireless connections, colleges and universities are planning to invest money in new networking infrastructure. For Oral Roberts University, IT staff has increased the bandwidth to 10 folds so that the device can accommodate wide area of campus.

Let us now check 5 tech trends that will take education sector to a whole new level:

MOOCs will require Authentication and Move Mainstream: One of the biggest education tech trends that took place in 2014 was MOOC which will continue in 2015. But there will be a slight twist where MOOCs incorporate will move from employee training to recruitment, vendor education, and consumer education. However, the process will be same as before like free-web based courses where learners will require signing up.

The launch of Gamification Tool: Gamification is the latest trend happening in education and even corporates. It is the concept of game design techniques to motivate to achieve their goal. Until now gamification was limited to learning, but now it will turn up into a killer app for product development and problem-solving. In addition to this, casual gamers incorporate will be able to devise new medical treatments, or even can find creative solutions for common problems.

E-Pad/iPad Learning: In India, the cost of tablet PC and other similar tools has decreased drastically, especially for students. Universities and private institutes are leveraging more on such tools for conducting classes and another learning process. In fact, these devices are embedded with tutorials and exam preparations like GRE, GMAT, CAT and other competitive exams. The year 2015 will witness a growth in usage of this device for educational purpose.

E-Learning will concentrate more on Competency: The year will see how learning content, questions, and feedback are tailored according to the proficiency of learner. By e-learning, adults can grasp the topic in which suits them the best.

M-Learning: As the number of mobile users is increasing, mobile will become the next learning tool and medium of offering learning material. Some of the benefits of this learning tool are easy to access to courseware, contextual learning and digestible content for smaller screens.

Apart from this mentioned tech trend, there are other trends that will use a learning tool in education. These include- Cloud LMS, Corporate MOOCs, Automation of Course Creation and Personalized Learning.

With this growing tech trend in education, parents will have big financial relief. With institutes going techno and distance learning opportunist, parents don’t need to spend high fees like earlier.

The Next Big Thing:

It is quite difficult to predict what next big thing to happen in EdTech. Whether it is classroom video session or mobile app for learning, it is important to apply technology effectively and in full force. Having said that, mobile learning and cloud-based computing will continue to be the leader in EdTech. The classroom is now replacing boards to laptops and other learning devices to make the learning process more interactive and interesting.

This positive change goes hand-in-hand with a vision of learning student. Moreover, students are also using mobile tools to collaborate with real-time tools like Skype, Google Hangout etc. Google Apps for education is becoming a very popular tool in schools. This cloud-based solution entirely works on software.

Technology Transforming Education in India:

In India, the education sector is booming rapidly and technology has adopted the traditional learning method in no time. There are companies that provide digital learning material to institutes and colleges that are teacher and student friendly. Another best thing about technology is that it is helping educators to reach the rural area of the country.

Schools and colleges in remote areas are too going digital to help students to understand the education trend and use the tool effectively for a better future. For students, technology is offering a better window having bright future ahead. This clearly represents how technology is transforming education not only in India, also in other developing countries.


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