Top 5 Engineering Posts That You Can Join for Better Future


It has always been known that engineering can be a lucrative career and with so many advances in technology lately, even mechanical engineers are seeing an increase in earnings as well as the availability of jobs to be had. If you are thinking of furthering your career in any of the disciplines of engineering, you may want to consider an online masters in engineering or engineering management masters degree. Just that one level higher and you could jump several levels in pay grade. Here is a sampling of the top 5 engineering posts to see just how lucrative this career is.

Aerospace Engineering Posts
Aerospace Engineering

Top Engineering Posts

1. Petroleum Engineer

Imagine a starting salary of almost $75,000. That’s what you’ll most likely get hired at and perhaps a bit higher as well. That figure is the average so of course there will be some positions that are lower and some that are higher paid but on average, that’s a pretty hefty figure for a starting position with room to grow. A LOT of room for growth in petroleum, that’s for sure. Just think. You can study masters of engineering online and almost immediately almost double your salary. That’s impressive!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Petroleum Engineers are averaging the following salaries:

  • Entry level – $74,240
  • Mid-level – $132,320
  • Experienced – $186,520

2. Aerospace Engineer

Also a very lucrative career choice, a starting aerospace engineer can expect to make an average of $65,450 but again, some will start higher and some lower. These engineering posts, however, are one career that at the moment is expected to grow slower than the national average, at only about 5% annually, due to cutbacks in the space program. Even so, everyone knows that could change overnight so this is one career to keep your eyes on.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Aerospace Engineers are averaging the following salaries:

  • Entry level – $65,450
  • Mid-level – $103,720
  • Experienced – $N/A

3. Computer Engineer

No matter how you look at it, this is one industry that is going everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. There is nowhere to go but up as a computer engineer because computers are a vital part of literally every aspect of life from healthcare to recycling plants and this is an industry that will not go away soon. So, as a computer engineer, you will always be assured of a job because computers are here to stay. They are going nowhere while you can take your career and go everywhere.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Computer Engineers are averaging the following salaries:

  • Entry level – $63,970
  • Mid-level – $150,130
  • Experienced – $N/A
Material engineering
Engineer making project photo from Shutterstock

4. Chemical Engineer

You would think that a chemical engineer would be most in demand by the major chemical corporations but that isn’t typically the case and the most common areas this profession is concerned with is research and development in such industries as manufacturing, food production, clothing and even makeup and medicine. The starting salary isn’t as high as a computer engineer but by mid-level, you can expect to make more on an average.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Chemical Engineers are averaging the following salaries:

  • Entry level – $58,830
  • Mid-level – $154,840
  • Experienced – $N/A

5. Materials Engineer

This is an ‘odd’ career in that most laypersons don’t quite understand what it is that a materials engineer actually does or is involved with. However, as the name would suggest, a materials engineer is involved with the materials used in manufacturing and production of most consumer goods. For example, a materials engineer would be the one to develop what is often referred to as ‘space age material’ to keep the body warm in extreme temperatures. At almost $53,000 starting salary, it’s a good solid career with a future.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Material Engineers are averaging the following salaries:

  • Entry level – $52,900
  • Mid-level – $85,150
  • Experienced – $N/A

One side note is called for here. It is this author’s opinion that this career will blossom as technology continues advancing due to the materials needed for the production of such things as mobile phones that don’t overheat and clear lenses over the screen that have the ability to resist scratching without interfering with image quality. Expect better than average growth in materials engineering in the very near future.

If you are pursuing a masters engineering online degree, these are the fields to give serious thought to. These engineering posts have great pay and future prospects make each of these a good career move on your part.


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