5 Tips to Help Backup and Secure Important Data


Do you store a lot of important data on your hard drive, such as priceless photographs, critical documents, or anything else like that? If so then you probably know how important it is to keep a backup – just in case something goes wrong and your data is lost.

Important data backup recovery
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Backup and Secure Important Data

While you may already be backing up your data fairly regularly, the question you need to ask is whether or not that is enough. In most cases, there are bound to be at least some steps you could take to make sure your backups are more secure, and these 5 tips should help in that regard:

1. Keep ‘versions’ of backups

If possible try to keep several ‘versions’ of your backups. The idea behind doing so is that if one version is corrupt or has any other issue, you can go back to a previous version that isn’t.

2. Check backups before storing them

Depending on how much data you’re storing this may or may not be realistic – but if it is possible to be sure to check your backups to make sure there are no issues. Sometimes you may not be able to detect some issues, but at least making sure that everything looks okay on the surface should help.

3. Use RAID storage

Assuming you need to have continuous access to your data then using RAID storage can help make sure your data has redundancy built-in. With RAID storage if something goes wrong with the original data the ‘backup’ will immediately be used, providing you with seamless access.

4. Store a backup offsite

At some point or other, you may want to consider storing at least one backup offsite. Keeping an offsite backup will ensure that it isn’t affected by natural disasters, fires, theft or anything else that could impact your entire location.

5. Encrypt and password protect backups

In the event that you’re handling sensitive information and you want to make sure your backups are secure from unauthorized access you should encrypt them and password protect them too. Some backup software will have features that let you do this quite easily, so it shouldn’t be too much hassle.

It should be easy to see how these measures will help you to ensure that important data is backed up properly and secure to boot. If for whatever reason you still find that some data has been lost you can pursue other options such as data recovery from Kroll Ontrack to restore it. That being said, every measure that you take to backup and secure your data will act as a layer of protection that will help ensure that you never completely lose any crucial data that you require.


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