6 Tips for Video Success on Social Media

These days, video content is necessary to achieve advertising success on social media. Coming up with a brilliant idea for content is only the first step in making a quality video, though. Here’s how to hit all the right notes with your customer base and viewers.

#1 Start With a Bang

You typically have 10 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention, and if you don’t succeed, that viewer clicks away forever. That means your video needs to get to the point fast. Each hook is unique, and yours should be under 10 seconds long. After that, your video should be under two minutes, which is the average amount of time a desktop computer user will spend watching a video.

#2 Reach Out to Your Audience

You have a number of options for reaching your audience. Ultimately, you want to appeal to your customers’ emotions and tell a good story. Content that viewers can connect with tends to generate more views and more shares. If you make your audience feel emotions, they’ll remember your content much better.

video success on social media

#3 Produce It Well

You’re doing a lot of work and spending resources to market your brand with a video, so you want the final product to look good. Even if your content is amazing, your audience won’t respond well if your video production value is low. Make sure to get a crisp, professional look no matter what kind of video you’re creating.

#4 Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand means including links for your audience to click through. You might have the best video in the world, but if your viewers don’t have an easy way to navigate to your company’s website, chances are they will give up and click away. Insert a link to your website at the bottom of your video to make this easy, and include a call to action at the end of the video. Remember to reference your brand name several times throughout the content to drive your point home.

#5 Make It Shareable

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No matter what platform you’re using, you want to make it easy for your audience to share your video. Not only does that mean providing links for easy sharing in the video description, it means you also need to post your video on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and your website. That way users only have to click a single button to share your video on each platform. The easier you make this, the better your results will be.

#6 Branch Out From YouTube

YouTube isn’t the only website that people use for video content. You may not immediately think of sites like Instagram and Vine for video marketing, but they are resources you absolutely should not miss out on. Take your six seconds on Vine and make them work.

From your video’s length to how you make it to where you post it to how easy it is to share, cracking video success on social media can be tricky. Use these tips to help your video find that shareable sweet spot.

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