Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Printer – An Infographic


You’ve probably been there before: you click “print” and your printer starts making a series of noises that makes you wonder whether it’s printing or preparing to launch a rocket into outer space.

Somewhere along the line, things start to wear down and break. You run out of ink. The paper gets jammed up. You don’t seem to get as much out of your printer as you want to.

Some of the more frustrating issues include that pesky “low toner/low ink” warning. Does it really mean it’s time to replace the cartridge or toner? The truth is that toner in a laserjet can settle over time, causing prints to fade. You’ll get a low toner warning when you really just need to take the toner out and play with it a bit to get the toner redistributed.

Or, what about ink cartridges? Did you know a good shake can breathe new life into a cartridge that you printer says is “dead”?

What about clogging? All inkjet printers seem to suffer the same fate. Eventually, the jets get clogged up and the thing won’t print anymore. Or, if it does, it does a poor job of it. Sometimes, you can dip the cartridge into warm water and dab it dry and it will start to work again. Make sure you run it through a cleaning cycle first though.

And, an under-appreciated strategy is to simply spend time cleaning your printer periodically. Don’t use canned or compressed air or ammonia-based cleaning products. Rather, use cleaners made for computer parts, brushes, and a lint-free cloth.

Here are a few more ways you can get more out of your printer:

Stinkyink Printing Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Printer – An infographic by the team at


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