Tiny Ranker Review – Track Your Website Ranking and SEO Efforts Like A Pro

Fed up with using various SEO tools to determine your site statistics? Want to try something that can provide you real-time stats in no time? If yes then Tiny Ranker is the tool you should be eyeing at. It is an awesome tool to go through the stats of your website in seconds. It integrates different tools at one place and eliminates the need for buying various tools to scan your website. The Tiny Ranker review below will make you understand this tool in a better way, and will also help you out in utilizing its powerful features with ease.

Tiny ranker review

Tiny Ranker: A Brief Know-How

The Tiny Ranker tool can act your third eye while analyzing your websites in a better way. It can scan different stats of your website in no time and preserve your time in generating the reports. In short, it is an all-in-one SEO tool that can ease out your work and help you produce better results. Moreover, it can help you in keyword research, tracking websites, competitor analysis and also in on-page SEO of your blog/website. The company now has around 3000 customers worldwide and still counting.

Adding Site to Analyze with Tiny Ranker

The Tiny Ranker review will help us learn about adding the site to its interface and the ways we can utilize this awesome tool. The foremost thing needs to be done while using Tiny Ranker tool is to add the website to be analyzed. You also need to select the country for which the stats need to be checked. Once the site and country are being added, press ‘ADD’ button.

tinyranker reports

You are redirected to the new screen where different options can be seen after you press the ‘Add’ button.

tinyranker reports keywords

Now, click on the ‘Add Keywords’ option, a new page will be opened. Enter the keyword list for which you need to analyze the data. The keywords should be entered line by line.

tinyranker reports keywords 2

Once the ‘Add Keywords’ button is pressed, you will be shown the rankings, the change in rankings, on-page details, and the searches for your keywords. If you find that the ranking of the keyword is listed as ‘new’, it means that Tiny Ranker is still checking its ranking. It would be displayed in some time. You can also check the on-page SEO status for a keyword by clicking on it.

tinyranker reports keywords 3

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics can also be integrated into Tiny Ranker’s dashboard and the data fetched by Google Analytics can be fetched on Tiny Ranker’s dashboard directly. For adding Google Analytics to the dashboard, press ‘Grand Access’ button and log in your Analytics account from there. Grand the permissions to Tiny Ranker and your Analytics account will be integrated into its dashboard.

tinyranker reports keywords 4


Now your competitors can also be tracked through this tool. Add your competitor’s website too and analyze how they are performing. You can easily plan out strategies to outrage your competitor after analyzing his/her data.

tinyranker reports keywords 5


The user is allowed to email the reports generated through Tiny Ranker tool to his/her email id. Also, the email frequency for the reports can be set. The reports generation can also be controlled through the tool’s dashboard. The reports created contain data in the tabular and graphical form. The data in these reports constitute of SERP rankings, keywords position, Website Rank, keyword Google SERP Rankings, and other crucial information.


TinySuggest is the tool that can be accessed directly from Tiny Ranker’s Website. This tool is handy in finding the keywords suggestions. All you need to do is enter your main keyword and click on ‘Get Suggestions’ button. The tool will list different keyword suggestions. You can easily find out the profitable keywords that can be targeted on your blog/website from the list. The list of keywords suggested by this tool can also be downloaded at your end.

tinyranker reports keywords 6

Why choose Tiny Ranker Tool for Analysis

Here are some handful of reasons for choosing Tiny Ranker tool for SEO analysis:

  • It is the most user-friendly SEO tools that exist in the world.
  • The performance of any website/blog can be analyzed in no time.
  • Its easy-to-manage dashboard provides a complete overview of the added site.
  • Unlimited sites can be analyzed with every plan.
  • The performance reports of the sites can also be emailed to your mail.
  • The rankings for different keywords can be analyzed for the website.

Pricing & Plans

Starter, Basic, Expert & Agency are the 4 different plans offered by Tiny Ranker tool. The mobile rankings, unlimited sites, competitor analysis, unlimited users, daily updates, and task management are few of the features that are common to all its plans. You need to pay a minimal fee of $19 to access its ‘Starter’ plan and you get 100 keyword credits with it. If you have purchased the plan and are not happy with it, you can simply contact them and file a refund within 14 days of your purchase. The amount will be credited back to your credit card.

tinyranker reports keywords 7

Just in case, you wish to try its plan before purchasing it, you can opt for its 30-days free trial without adding your credit card details while signing it with Tiny Ranker. Once the free trial period is over, you need to pay for the plan you select in order to continue with it.

The Bottom Line

Tiny Ranker is a popular SEO tool that is specially created for people who are irritated by bloated SEO tools. The Tiny Ranker reviews by its users are fantastic and they love using this tool, which is the reason why the tool is gaining popularity worldwide. The users are signing in with this tool each day. This is handy for both newbies and experts. One can easily track different websites and see how they are performing on search engines. What more can a user expect from a tool like this? I will definitely recommend people to use this tool and ease out their R&D work with a single tool like Tiny Ranker.

Start your 30 days free trial right now.

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