Is It Time To Say Goodbye To CodeIgniter?


Web developers have always been a fan of CodeIgniter. The majority of websites are dealing with this web application framework, and the results were massive. It was designed in such a manner so that programs can run smoothly on multiple hosting environments. The main strength of CI lies with the easy usage value along with an excellent form of documentation. You are free from any installer, rocket science framework and other messy files while dealing with this framework. And this has done its parts for so many years now. But finally, it is time to say goodbye to CodeIgniter and say hello to the more modernized frameworks, which can match perfectly with Google’s needs.

Why Goodbye to CodeIgniter?

Is it really the end?

Now, this is somewhat a dicey question to answer. Do you think it is really possible to say goodbye to CodeIgniter and say hello to the new kid in the block? Well, there are certain points which make CI the best choice of all time, and that deals with the exciting features it has, even now.

  • CodeIgniter is mainly defined to be a solid base, which is known for its stable features. Even though the number of applications and users keeps on increasing over here, the mechanism remains strong and unchanged.
  • Here, the code base seems to be well documented and tested. It is hard to find any problems with it because previous users already solved all the relevant problems. So, you can always enjoy a problem-free run.
  • This framework is quite easy to grasp. If you have a basic PHP knowledge, then using CodeIgniter seems to be an easy piece of cake. It is no doubt welcoming and easy for you to get hold of.

These are some of the reasons why CodeIgniter is the perfect choice for all the novices, out there. The fantastic documents along with the coding genius are some of the reasons, on why you should even rely on CodeIgniter for the next best software or website development approach.

For some more features:

The points mentioned above are some of the reasons why you should rely on CodeIgniter, even now. However, in case, you are looking for the best services, then nothing can beat the importance of Laravel, the new expert to catch on. And that’s one of the main reason why it is time to say goodbye to your old friend, CodeIgniter.

  • There are some more compelling reasons on why you should move to Laravel from CodeIgniter. This is somewhat a younger framework. Within this small span of time, it has reached to its 4th revision. Now, that shows how well this framework is appreciated by the people, mostly software developers.
  • Laravel is known for its familiar framework, which is easy to use and understand. Once you have started using it, you will feel like jumping right into the business prospect. You don’t have to spend much time on the basic, as this platform already has the same features and outlook.
  • The documentation of Laravel is more or less similar to the one you have used in CodeIgniter, so far. It is concise and even clear for you to enjoy. You are going to feel awesome, while you are writing code for Laravel. You will hardly find any mistakes, while you are associated with Laravel’s coding. Now, that’s a mystery, but a good one!
  • There are some interesting features, which make Laravel the best one when compared to CodeIgniter. It has the finest user authentication along with stack trace, which you love to use. On the other hand, you cannot deny the importance of asset management over here, under two variations, CSS and JS. Get hold of Templating, as another interesting feature, straight from Laravel.
  • With CodeIgniter, you have to work separately for the Kalexiko CMS, as those were custom built. These were not part of the CodeIgniter core library. But, this is not the case, when you are using Laravel. You are free from re-engineering the functions and can spend the time or other productive work.
  • Laravel is also known to be quite expressive. You can almost feel like having a chat session with this segment, as you do not have to work on the procedural code. These are some points, which differentiate Laravel from CodeIgniter and make it better than the latter.

Time for a final goodbye:

The points, which have been clearly defined earlier is enough to prove the importance of Laravel, these days. And that focuses on the clear truth that it is really time to say goodbye to CodeIgniter. However, in case, you are a novice and trying your hand on software development programs for the first time, then it is always advisable to stick to CodeIgniter. With this application framework, you get the chance to start from the basic, and approach to advanced level, slowly.


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