5 Tips On How to Buy A Router

Are you looking to buy a router or upgrading an existing one? Perhaps you’re not sure what to consider while buying a router. No worries as in this post, you will find the list of five important tips on how to buy a router.

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1. The Standard

The router that supports 802.11ac standard is the best no matter what. The “ac” standard is new and it transfers the data speeds up to three times faster than 802.11n. If you have the internet service provider that promises the speed of 100 Mbps but if it doesn’t support this standard then you will face the wireless issues. So it is recommended to use the router that supports 802.11ac, whenever you’re buying a router or upgrade an existing one.

2. Single or Dual Band

The wireless router works on two different frequencies- 2.4 GHz and GHz. The single band supports either 2.4 GHz or a new version of the frequency band that is 5 GHz. Dual-Band supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz using both of them simultaneously. It is important to choose between a single or dual-band for better connectivity. Smartphones and laptops can be connected on 5GHz while the rest devices can operate with 2.4GHz also.

Depending on the area you are living you should choose a single or dual-band. If you live in the densely populated area then it is better to choose the dual-band router. It will provide a good frequency to work with high efficiency and have better connectivity. But the single band can also work if you don’t have nearby neighbors whose network cannot affect yours. You can also use a single band if you don’t require high speed.

3. Lifespan of Router

Networking hardware is put to a lot of stress that it doesn’t last forever. Your router is stretched for a tablet, streaming, smartphone, gaming console, laptop, tablet, etc. Due to overload and overtime working, the performance of the router is degraded.

If you’re continuously facing the network connectivity issues and not finding any reasons for the loss in the connectivity then it’s time to change or upgrade the router. Using the same router for a long time degrades its quality. High-quality routers have a good life span and don’t require the change in short intervals. It is worth investing money in the quality routers one time even if they are costly. Changing the router, again and again, can lead to a more financial loss in comparison to selecting the good router for the first time.

4. Range

The position of a router is extremely important for better connectivity. It should be kept at the central location without any obstruction.  Keeping it at the central location is also crucial for security purposes.  As near the window or corner, there are high chances of signal leakages. Heat map software can help you to maximize the wireless connectivity and coverage. Even if you purchase the high price router, but the placement of the router isn’t right then you will not get the proper signals. Power line adapters can help you to increase the reach but there is speed limitations problem in them. If the old router is still in good condition then don’t throw it. You can turn it into a wireless bridge or an access point using power line adapters.

If you’re working from home then you must be looking for regular connectivity, minimum leakages, high speed, security, etc. Thus selecting the right router matters the most for hassle-free working without worries. External antennas help to increase the overall range of your router and are ideal for the usage behind multiple walls or glass doors.

5. Don’t take the Router from Your ISP

Whenever you sign up for ISP, you get the connection as well as a free router in most of the cases. But you should avoid purchasing the router from the ISP. It seems tempting to go with the free router but later on, you don’t get its value. It is always recommended to select the router keeping in mind all the features such as the standard, single or dual-band, security, better range, speed, etc.

If video calls, movies, and watching videos are your main requirement then the speed matters a lot. Even if you are using a good speed connection but the router is a single band or not using the standard 802.11ac then you will face the serious issues.


These are the important things which you must consider while buying a router. Always check out the reviews before making the purchasing decision.  All routers don’t have all the features. Some are easier to use and some provide high speed. The things mentioned above are only what a router basically needs for an average consumer.

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