5 Things We Bet You didn’t Know about Vaping


When it comes to vape, there are new things to be learned all the time. It’s a fast moving world, after all. From battery safety tips to how to vape like a ninja, never a day goes by without the opportunity to learn something new. So, we thought we’d make it easy for you and share some things about vaping that you might not already know all in one place. Are you ready?

Art of Vaping

Vaping actually began in the 1960s

It’s easy to think that vaping is a phenomenon of the 21st century. We hate to break it to you, but this is definitely not true. In fact, records suggest that the first ever vape was made in 1963. Owner of the most retro name ever, Herbert A. Gilbert, filed a patent for a ‘Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette’. The device replaced ‘burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air’.

Gilbert was inspired to make the invention when his wife’s friend was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer due to smoking. Although the patent was granted and he was able to make prototypes, Gilbert’s device never took off. When presented to large companies, it was met with a frosty response. As a result, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 21st century that vaping really took off. This brings us nicely on to our next interesting fact…

Vaping as we know it began in China

It’s thanks to pharmacist Hon Lik that vaping has become what it is today. After his father died of lung cancer, Lik was inspired to give up cigarettes. While desperately trying to quit, he had the idea to create a device with an ‘ultrasound emitting element to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid containing nicotine’. Lik’s original device was created purely to be a smoking cessation aid. He registered his patent in 2003, and the next year e-cigarettes hit the market. As you know, e-cigs have developed a bit in the 14 years since then – evolving from cigarette-a-likes to full on vapes and mods. The majority of e-cigarettes now use a battery-powered heating element instead of the ultrasonic technology Lik originally proposed.

All in all, vapes are an idea conceived in America and born halfway around the world – which is pretty cool in itself!

Apple iVape


There’s a huge vaping community on YouTube…

You might think of YouTube as the home of funny cat videos, PewDiePie, and beauty bloggers, but there is actually a well-established vaping community. Members of the community offer their opinions on the latest news, share reviews with their followers, and generally just share good vibes about vaping. There are so many great YouTubers talking about vaping. A little while back we even put together a blog introducing you to some of the best content creators and explaining why we think they’re well worth a watch. You can find that blog right here.

…And the same goes for Reddit

Reddit might seem like a scary place to the uninitiated. But, if you’re keen to learn more about vaping and get involved in the community, it’s a really great place to visit. There are actually a number of different subreddits, full of vapers offering tips and advice, sharing their thoughts on the latest news, and generally being awesome. There’s r/Vapin’, r/Vapin’101, and even r/electronic_cigarettes. Now you know about it, there’s really no reason to not get involved, right?

While second-hand smoke is a big concern, the second-hand vapor is not so much

A number of studies have shown that second-hand vapor is not a problem in the way that second-hand smoke is. In fact, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that second-hand vapor is harmful.  So, while huge clouds might look scary to bystanders, it’s important to remember that it’s really not! If you want to learn more about this, a literature review from Drexel University (aptly titled ‘Peering Through The Mist’) is a really great source. You can read the full piece here, complete with a ton of different sources for you to feast your eyes on.

What’s your favorite vaping fact? Make sure to share in the comments.


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