Things That Can Make You A Better PHP Programmer


PHP is an extremely popular programming language, used in the majority of websites, including famous Wikipedia and Facebook. So, there are different ways of becoming a great PHP programmer, some of them are easy, others tough.

Today, we will tell you 10 easy steps to become better than you were and better than some PHP programmers are. Even if you use only some of the advice, your skills will become better for sure.

Better php programmer
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To Be A Better PHP Programmer

1. Use Existing Classes and Functions

Before working with PHP code, always check the manual to learn about the functions it has. Sometimes, there is no need to create your own ones, as most of them already exist. To create one file and contain their all the settings is a good idea. Why do you need this? You can add it to the script and edit one file If you need some changes, instead of writing and creating several files. It is impossible to avoid SQL injections, but try to sanitize your database as often as possible to prevent major errors from happening. Do not turn off the error reporting function on the development stage. It will save your time on deciding what is wrong and how to fix it. You will be able to correct an error as soon as it happens.

2. What about Comments?

It is a good practice to comment your code, but there is no need for commenting every line. So, try not to over comment your script.

3. Save Some Parts of a Code

You will need to write a lot of similar code, so try to save the most common part in a separate document. Thus, you will save a lot of time for you. You will spend a lot of time on editing so that you need a good editor for that. Also, consider installing syntax editor.

4. SQL Administrative Tool is a Must

It is a good idea to use that tool to make your administration easier. You can also try such graphical user interface as PHP MyAdmin. At first, you may think that using a framework is not for you. However, it will make your work more productive and effective. Still, there is one drawback: you will need to do a lot of reading before using it. Stay in Touch with Other Programmers. Join a community, designed especially for PHP developers, interact with them, and learn a lot of useful information concerning PHP development.


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