Voice over IP (VoIP) has become one of the most dynamic and popular communication technologies in the world and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for mobile phone users. With the ability to sidestep expensive text and messaging plans by using VoIP services, mobile phone owners are quickly finding ways to improve their productivity while reducing the fees associated with their mobile phones. Because of this, VoIP applications have become increasingly popular among mobile phone users.

VoIP Applications Benefits

Among the most attractive of the new VoIP applications are the following:

Among the first of the dedicated VoIP services, Skype continues to improve its ability to serve the public with new Windows 8 and Android versions of the application currently available. In addition to a wide range of VoIP services, including chat, audio and video calls, the popularity of Skype means that most VoIP users have this application making it easy to communicate with them. In addition, Skype can be easily used for VoIP calls to landlines and other recipients. This application is a must for anyone thinking about using VoIP on his or her mobile device.

AIM Mobile Chat
AIM Mobile Chat is an AOL application for VoIP. The primary benefits of AIM is that it is a very mature application, and as such has a standardized and intuitive user interface. Because of its age and popularity, this application is also very likely to be found among most VoIP users.

Beejive is an example of an application that tries to answer all of the user’s chat and VoIP functions in one application. This system not only includes VoIP and chat functionality but also incorporates a wide variety of social media management tools. As an example, users can easily access Facebook with Beejive, without having to switch to a browser or other application.

VoIP Applications and Landline Phones
In addition to systems focused purely on VoIP users, a growing number of applications are designed to help link VoIP calls with traditional phone networks. This can have an advantage of combining the cost benefits of using VoIP with the ability to contact individuals who may not have a mobile device or computer connection. This is especially important for businesses considering shifting all or part of their phone infrastructure over to VoIP.

An application sold through the Apple iTunes store, iCall is a utility designed for iPhones and other Apple mobile devices, in addition to desktop computers. In addition to the ability to directly and easily call landline phones, iCall enjoys low international rates without any roaming charges. This can be especially important to individuals who travel a great deal, as it avoids the danger of being charged excessive roaming fees by their provider.

Vonage can be an excellent choice for those individuals or businesses who are thinking about completely replacing their traditional phones, whether they are landline based or from a cell phone provider, with a VoIP service. Since Vonage allows for unlimited calls to mobile phones and landlines, it eliminates the need to maintain other phone systems, no matter their type.

As can be seen, there are a growing number of highly useful applications for those individuals seeking to slip the leash of their landline or cell phone provider. By doing so, a mobile phone owner can dramatically reduce the price of his or her phone usage while dramatically expanding its reach.

This article was provided by Jonny Grant, a telecommunications expert working for UK based Packnet. Jonny is familiar with the use of VoIP apps for personal use, and also its wider use for business phones.