How will Technology Shape the Future of Advertising?

Every aspect of our lives is being transformed rapidly by digital technology. At this time, it is important to take a peep into the future to discover how technology will influence the advertising and marketing of products and services. From all indications, the following will become a reality in the months and years to come.

Future of Advertising

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1. Rapid Increase in E-commerce

Due to the improvement in the loading times of many retail websites, more consumers are expected to make the internet their main shopping mall. As more people depend on their mobile devices to shop online, there will be a larger audience available to consume marketing messages and adverts in mobile apps, and search engine results pages. Virtually all brick and mortar retail outlets will need to have a vibrant e-commerce store to remain competitive. That is where the service of an SEO company will become extremely useful for business owners who want a good return on their marketing investment.

2. More Personalized Marketing

Recent discoveries and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence now make it possible for companies to offer service that is customized for each individual. After a prospect arrives at a website, virtually all the interaction he has with the website can be tracked and used to offer a personalized experience the next time the visitor arrives at the website. Various marketing tools will be used to improve the user experience, including videos, specially designed opt-in forms, and offers that take into consideration the items that a visitor has searched for or bought in the past. For instance, companies, which provides social media marketing in Toronto, is developing new ways to improve personalized customer engagement.

3. Marketing to Suit the Emotions of Buyers

Most buying decisions are emotional. So smart marketers and advertising professionals will use the opportunities offered by digital technology to appeal to the emotions of new and existing customers. More software applications are being developed to detect the emotional feelings of buyers accurately. Everything from the look and feel of a website or app, to the sequence of marketing messages, is being studied carefully. Through advanced knowledge discovery techniques, a large mass of data is currently being analyzed by large companies to determine how to increase the rate of conversions.

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4. Increase in Wearable Technology

Many people are now using fitness trackers and smartwatches to monitor their health and fitness. Since these devices have companion apps that are used to connect to the websites of the manufacturers, the data obtained can be used to improve consumer engagement and provide highly personalized marketing. These devices will also have a major impact on the healthcare industry. Many medical practitioners will eventually depend on the data provided by wearable devices to track a patients response to treatment and to promote their services. It is also likely that wearable devices will be used to deliver well-targeted advertising to people as they move from one place to another.

5. The Internet of Things

In the near future, many of our appliances and electronic gadgets will have the capability to connect to the internet either directly or through a dedicated phone app. This means that home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, cookers, coffee-makers, and washing machines will be able to connect to the internet. This will give marketers the opportunity to obtain data about their consumers’ use of their products and respond with instant marketing messages.

For instance, an air conditioner manufacturer will be able to detect when a customer’s machine is due for service and call the customer. This will increase the revenue of the company and also help the customer to enjoy excellent customer service that will even prolong the lifespan of the product.

Final Words

Marketing will continue to be transformed and enhanced by advancements in digital technology. With the increasing capabilities of personal devices like smartphones and watches to provide personalized customer engagement, marketers will be able to reach their target consumers more effectively and improve conversion rates.

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