Technology and Pain Relief: Understanding the Relationship

Pain is a part of life. The pain will always be a part of life. And for argument’s sake, think for a moment just about physical pain, as opposed to mental or emotional pain, which is entirely a different discussion. Your physical body has nerve endings that respond to stimuli, and your brain tells you that something is hurting. As you age, pain, in general, can often feel worse. What can technology do to help us with this situation?

New Technology for Pain Relief

Consider the issue that people have with opiates right now, how electricity can be used to heal, where laser technology fits into the mix, and how the analysis of meditation can also be a benefit that technology gives us in the pain relief department.

Pain relief technology

The Issue With Opiates

Opiates are getting a lot of attention right now. Technology has created synthetic drugs that are incredibly powerful, and companies can now mass-produce them more efficiently than ever before. Although this is great for pain relief for people who use them responsibly, there is a massive addiction problem right now because of a lack of information in many cases. People don’t understand what they’re getting into with the more powerful sedatives that are out there.

Electricity as a Healer 

The medical community has developed technology that uses electricity to heal. For people with severe damage that is right around nerve endings, pads attach to a unit that sends electrical pulses down wires. The body eventually can learn how to handle these nerve impulses better, which reduces the feeling of pain. Because there is no injury necessarily being repaired, the fact that pain receptors are pinging is more the problem than any incidents of actual damage.

Laser Technology

Other companies are trying to create lasers that heal. Though this is a bit of untested science, there have been positive results from people who use appliances to treat minor injuries by using lights from laser beams. It will take lots of studies to figure out how people can use this technology to their advantage within a realistic budget, but it should create lots of opportunity for self-healing in the future.

Analyzing Meditation

Scientists and researchers have created fascinating studies to examine people who are meditating as well. Sensors are hooked up to determine breathing rate, pulse, heartbeat, and many different other factors while people are meditating, and the technology used for this analysis will help to create pain relief techniques that are more nature-based as opposed to mechanically-based. Working through theories involving meditation may lead to more technological developments as well, where pain relief can be a combination of technology as well as techniques that people have been using for thousands of years.


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