3 Ways Technology Can Make Wedding Planning Much Easier

Before the Internet, wedding planning was much more difficult. But with technology right at our fingertips, it’s much easier now to make your wedding the exact day you want. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s less stress involved. Luckily, there are a few ways that technology has done the planning and executing a wedding more fun and much less overwhelming. To show you how you can take your wedding into the technological future, here are three ways technology can make wedding planning much easier. 

Make Wedding Planning Much Easier

How to make Wedding Planning Simple

1. Make Communication Virtual

A wedding is essentially a big party where guests can celebrate the love between a couple and help start them on their new life we together. And just like all parties, you have to get the word out about your event for people to show up. Traditionally, all communication was sent via snail mail. And while some may still like this idea, using virtual communication can make this process much easier for some. Jen Glantz, a contributor to Brides.com, writes that emailing save-the-dates, thank you notes, and even your invitations can not only help with costs, but it can make it easier to ensure that your big day gets saved on everyone’s calendars as well. And if you think virtual invitations seem too impersonal, consider attaching a video of you and your soon-to-be spouse to give your invitations a more personal touch. 

2. 3D Printing

Since 3D printers have been on the market for a while, it’s now much more economical to consider taking advantage of this form of technology for your wedding. According to Carley Knobloch, a contributor to HGTV.com, you can find various 3D printing companies that will mostly 3D print anything you can imagine for your wedding. It could mean that rather than spending hours finding the perfect cake topper or favors to give your guests, you can have your custom piece 3D printed. Just make sure you speak to a 3D printing company within enough time to get your order ready before your big day. 


3. Impossible Pictures with Drones

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the photos. The pictures you’re able to get off your wedding day will be what you can hold and cherish about those memories for the rest of your life. And while traditional photos are great, technology has made a drone so you can now get pictures you could never have before. Rachel Torgerson, a contributor to TheKnot.com, writes that by using drones, you can capture shots that otherwise would be impossible. So if you want to get some sweeping images of large groups or of the grounds you’re getting married on, consider getting a drone for this purpose. Read how to enhance the battery time of a drone to make function memorable.

If you want your wedding to have a more modern feel, use the tips mentioned above to use technology to your advantage.

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