How Technology Can Make Our Homes Secure

For many enthusiasts and homeowners who are looking into home security for the first time, the real question is the same “Is all this technology worth installing?”. And though the answer can’t be a simpler one, enough guidance and professional support of anyone could end up at the right decision. Technology has been evolving ever since computers were rolled out to the general public since 1953. With time, everything around has changed drastically, from the way we do business, the way we communicate with people, and finally, how we provide security to the general masses.

How Are Homes Secure with Technology?

In this post, we are going to discuss in detail how technological progress is gradually making our homes safer and much more secure to live in than yesterday.

Advanced Home Security Systems

Smart Door Locks

With the passage of time, we have observed some brand new ideas and integration of progressive technology into our home security systems. The first most important part of your house is undoubtedly your front door, and we have now smart door locks that offer a range of features and benefits to make them much more secure than before, such as:

  • Hidden camera to record footage of your visitors
  • Smart locks and passwords to keep your doors tightly lock
  • Two-way audio to answer your front door visitor or to speak with them
  • Motion Sensor Placement to alert residents about dangerous activity
  • Push notifications and alert messages directly to a cellular device
  • And much more

All of these features enable homeowners to have greater leverage and much more control as well as the ability to monitor actions from within their homes and even when they are not available. This makes not only your home secure but informs the neighborhood about the potential risk of property crime, which is still prevailing in our society.

Surveillance Cameras

Over the years, there has been a lot of development when it comes to surveillance cameras, whether they are placed outdoors or indoors. These cameras effectively act as watchmen for your beloved residence and are deemed highly effective in catching culprits and scaring away would-be wrongdoers. The idea is that there is always room for improvement, and this is what technology is all about. Surveillance cameras offering the following common features:

  • High-definition footage and video recording, usually from 720p to 1080p
  • Wide viewing angle that can be from 1100 to 1800
  • Built-in alarms which scream out loud at 100+ decibels
  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • The ability to save tons of footage on cloud networks
  • Some cameras even offer a zoom-in of the X4 feature
  • Two-way audio
  • Weatherproof (for outdoor cameras)
  • Night vision to capture videos during poor lightning
  • Wireless functionality and chargeable batteries
  • And much more

The security camera’s also come with an added feature of sending push notifications and alert messages directly to your cellular device when they are able to detect harmful activity within your house. It offers you the ability to monitor your home even when it is all left alone.

Wireless Technology

Perhaps the most attractive feature that seems to get the attention of many homeowners nowadays is that home security systems have finally gone wireless. It means no more wires are tangling at your feet. A lot of wireless home security systems have a simple do it yourself (DIY) setup and installation. All devices are connected to a wireless network utilizing proprietary radiofrequency. It means that none of your other wireless devices gets affected. Wireless home security systems usually offer you:

  • Wireless devices including cameras, motion sensors, alarms, smoke detectors and much more
  • A central control panel with a touchscreen, which has a built-in cellular module to stay in direct contact with the monitoring station.
  • The monitoring station is where all distress calls are made, and if something happens, then the authorities are immediately alerted in order to come to your aid.

The benefits of wireless home security systems are numerous. The majority of your equipment runs on chargeable batteries and don’t require a power supply consistently to make them operate. It means that if somebody manages to cut off the power supply to your house, your home is still protected. Additionally, robbers may plan to cut your landline phone wiring so that you are unable to call support. It is also well-taken care off since the main control panel has a built-in cellular module, which allows it to communicate directly with the nearby monitoring station. Hence in short wireless technology is way ahead of even the most professional and highly trained robbers and is quite effective against their tactics.

Home Security Facts

Unfortunately, the conditions in the United States aren’t what can be described as ideal for homeowners since property crime is very much real, and numbers don’t lie.

  • There are about 2 million robberies reported each year throughout the nation.
  • The majority of break-ins, around 60% occur in residential areas, with 30% of all robberies occur through an unlocked or open door or window.
  • Surprisingly home security reduces the chances of break-ins to your home by 300%, yes they are that effective.
  • Officers at the FBI claim that a home burglary occurs every second within the US.
  • Mostly desperate people who can also be dangerous are the ones who try to break-in to someone’s house, these account for 85% of all robberies.
  • Studies reveal that if a break-in to home is difficult and requires more skill then what the would-be robbers possess, then they would simply opt-out of robbing that residence.
  • Alarm systems are substantial in catching criminal activity and alerting the neighborhood.

Everything mentioned above leads to one solid conclusion, and that is that home security and technology is finally paving the way to much more safer and securer residential living. Homeowners should take matters into their own hands and apply the latest tech around their house to protect their loved ones from harm and their property from theft. Only together as a community, we can eradicate the persisting issue of property crimes.

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