How to Run a Fantasy Football League Using Technology?


There are so many businesses out there that want to increase employee happiness by offering interesting extra activities. One of those that is really popular at the moment is to run a fantasy football league. There are different tech options that can be taken into account. All of the following can help to run a fantasy football league.

How to Run a Fantasy Football League?

Fantasy football leagues

1. Yahoo Fantasy Football Leagues

These can easily be set up. In fact, Yahoo is among the pioneers of fantasy football leagues ran online. The site is great because of the features offered and the simplicity that appears. Draft features can simply be excellent and if you do not attend live events to draft, there is auto-drafting included. Since novices will surely be present in the office, Yahoo offers a great opportunity.


This site is great for live draft scheduling. There are normally between 8 and 12 participants in an online fantasy football league. Through the help of Doodle, you can send polls with suggested dates and reach the final consensus about the perfect draft date for everyone.

3. Slack Channels

This is quite an interesting idea and you should be aware of the fact that there are so many businesses out there that currently use Slack in order to replace email. Slack channels can be set up for the sole purpose of playing fantasy football inside the office. That allows you to make many announcements, gather the participants, schedule drafting, hold league rule polls and even talk a lot of smacks while the season continues.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

Fantasy football is highly sociable. Because of this, you may want to hold a live draft in a place where all the colleagues can drink, eat and feel great. Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to book the fantasy football event since you can get a group room that allows you to connect laptops, internet, and even draft boards. Keep in mind that this is just a location suggestion. Many others exist. Just look for a business where you can hold the live event for the entire business.

5. Listening To Podcasts

There are actually many fantasy football podcasts that can be listened, giving players inside information about the players and a lot of overall entertainment. Try to find some that are great and organize listening events together with the employees that will participate in the fantasy football league. This helps you to interact and learn important information that can be used to create the teams.

6. Google Sheets

This is something that few people consider but the option is free and you can easily create documents that would manage all the draft picks. The online spreadsheet apps included will be updated in real time by the user so all the fantasy football players will be able to know exactly what happens, who is in charge, what the best picks were and so on.

Apps, in general, should be considered. They are always going to be great and you can take advantage of all the opportunities available through news sites. You will be surprised to see how many fantasy football apps exist at the moment.


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