How to Become a Technology Guru, Tech Guru, or Tech Geek?

Have you ever wondered how techies seem to have an innate aptitude for creativity and analytical skills? Do you ever wish that you could operate at their level? Sometimes it isn’t about being “born with it.” Sometimes it’s simply about applying yourself. Check out these ways that you can become a technology guru, tech guru, or tech geek.

Tips to become a technology guru

Tips to Become A Technology Guru

Hang out with tech gurus

Did Penny from The Big Bang Theory not get smarter throughout the series as she hung out with geniuses? That may not be so far from the truth. It’s no secret that our friends affect our behavior. Famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said that you are the average of the five people you most hang out with. So if you surround yourself with tech gurus who know more than you, don’t you think that you’d learn something from them?

If you don’t have friends in your immediate area whom you’d consider “tech gurus,” the Internet is here for you. Plenty of blogs and forums across the Internet give you a chance to network with techies and learn from them. Start by exploring these 10 computer forums.

Practice your analytical skills

There’s one commonality between all tech gurus that one can’t argue with: They understand the field of analytics and know-how to apply these skills. With practice and strong education, you can become a talented data analyzer, too. You can start by finding a mentor, such as a peer, colleague, or teacher who can help you understand the basics of analytics.

If you’re really serious about this, consider going to school to get your Master of Science in analytics. Programs like this will teach you how to analyze big data, understand statistical methods, and integrate these ideas into business practices to help you land the type of tech job that you’ve always dreamed of.

Get serious about math

If you want to be a real technology guru, then a lot of your understanding of computers and technology will come from understanding math. But it’s not just about getting good with algebra and statistics. Tech gurus need to understand binary code. This is because “computer language” is written in binary code, so it’s important that you understand it before you try to dig into the more complex workings of computer systems.

Explore, play, and experiment

Becoming a technology guru doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a lecture hall for years. A lot of tech gurus are self-taught. With determination, you can teach yourself all about technology, too. You can always start with textbooks or online guides such as blog posts or eBooks, but you can’t let the fun end there. Learning the ins and outs of computers and other tech is more about experiencing it, so don’t be afraid to put what you’ve learned to the test.

Set up your own website to experiment with HTML coding, or consider writing your own program for practice. Want to learn about your computer’s hardware? Take it apart and rebuild it.

What methods will you use to expand your knowledge and become the type of techie you’ve always looked up to?

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